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Print Disability and New Reading Formats

This project offers the first broad history of electronic reading technologies for blind and print-disabled people, and their co-evolution with mainstream reading practices. Beyond the introduction of new formats such as audiobooks and electronic books, print access efforts in the twentieth century gave rise to numerous technical innovations that transferred to other branches of electroacoustics and computing. Innovations in long-playing records, pitch-shifting with magnetic tape, scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and synthetic speech ultimately retooled reading for both humans and machines.

Digital Experiments Group

Digital Experiments is a graduate-faculty working group in the Department of English at New York University. The group pursues a broad understanding of the intersection between digital tools and humanistic inquiry by engaging in collaborative practices of research, writing, and discussion. Taking a cue from Samuel Johnson’s definition of “experiment”—“The Trial of anything; something done in order to discover an uncertain or unknown effect”—we view our work as an investigation into how digital tools and practices can reshape literary studies today.

New York Scapes

NewYorkScapes is a research community exploring the application of concepts, tools, and resources in the digital humanities to the study of urban space. Through conversation and collaboration among scholars, archivists, artists, and activists, it seeks to facilitate the development of projects related to interpretation, curation, and communication of the documentary record of New York City, and projects engaging with the aesthetics, art, literature, design and other experiences of the city.

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project, sponsored by NYU’s Division of Libraries, has gathered, identified and published a two-series 101-reel microfilm edition of Margaret Sanger’s papers (ProQuest, 1986-87), and is completing a four-volume book edition, the Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, published by the University of Illinois Press. The Project’s mission is to educate the public about the history and impact of the birth control movement and one of America’s most important and intriguing social reformers.

Manifest; Supply Chain Platform

Manifest is a digital humanities platform and investigative toolkit for visualizing, analyzing, and documenting historic and contemporary supply chains, production lines, and trade networks. Intended for scholars and researchers exploring the history of assembly and distribution logistics in commodity manufacture and other forms of production, Manifest provides common data standards for supply chains while offering a publishing capability for spatial narratives leveraging geographic and statistical means of evaluation.

The English Channel

The English Channel is designed both as a site that showcases the activities of the NYU English department’s students and faculty in the areas or research, teaching, community building, and public humanities and as an environment that furthers those activities by activating the intersections among disparate fields of specialization.

April 3-5, ATISA VII: The Seventh Biennial Conference of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association

ATISA VII: The Seventh Biennial Conference of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association will be held on April 3-5, 2014.  The keynote speaker is Mona Baker of the University of Manchester who will speak on The Prefigurative Politics of Translation and Interpreting in Place-Based and Global Movements of Protest. This event is co-sponsored by […]

Humanities Ambassadors host a Forum on the Future of the Humanities

On Friday, February 21st, the Humanities Ambassadors hosted a panel of three distinguished speakers for our kickoff event in a series of public gatherings that we will organize throughout the semester. The Forum on the Future of the Humanities, which took place at Kimmel Center, welcomed Dwai Banerjee, J.M. DeLeon, and Dania Hueckmann who spoke […]