About Digital Humanities


The field of scholarship currently known as the ‘Digital Humanities’ evades strict definition — as whatisdigitalhumanities.com wittily demonstrates. Often said to be teaching and research at the intersection of computing and the humanities, it is an area of study defined neither by the digital (which has a long history prior to computing) nor by the humanities (encompassing, as it does, scholarship in fields that exist beyond institutionally-defined ‘humanities’ departments).

Yet the term is serving as a focus for an exciting and rapidly growing body of scholarship that is broadly concerned with connections between computing and the questions, objects and/or methodologies associated with the humanities and/or humanistic inquiry. By using this term we aim to connect innovative work at NYU with a broader conversation. At the Center for the Humanities we aim to promote and help develop research in the field through our web pages and events (sign up for the NYU DH Discussion List linked to our landing page to keep up to date with NYU DH activities).

Dr Marion Thain, Associate Director of Digital Humanities

Partners in NYU Digital Humanities include: the Provost’s Office; the Office of the Dean for Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Science; Digital Gallatin; the English Department; the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication; Institutes from across the university including the Institute of Fine Arts and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World; scholars from disciplines across the university from humanities to computer science and data science; the Center for the Humanities; and the NYU Libraries Digital Scholarship Services (DSS). DSS connects scholars to a constellation of tools, training, and consultations on methods, content/data management, digital publishing, intellectual property, multimedia digitization, and digital project management.

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