Politics on Campus: From the 2015 Protests to the Trump Presidency

Event Description:

Why did American campuses burst into protest in November 2015? And how have our universities responded? Building on "Campus Politics," a recent book by Jonathan Zimmerman, this panel will examine diversity, sexual assault, trigger warnings, and the wide range of other issues that have sparked campus controversy in recent years.

Panelists include:

  • Juan M. Calero C. — Bachelors of Arts Candidate, Latino Studies and Religious Studies, Class of 2018, New York University
  • Robert Cohen — Professor of Social Studies Education, New York University
  • Michael Funk — Clinical Assistant Professor of Higher Education, New York University
  • Crystal Parikh — Associate Professor of English and Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University
  • Jonathan Zimmerman — Professor of History of Education, University of Pennsylvania
  • Moderated by Ulrich Baer — Vice Provost, New York University

"Campus Politics" will be on sale at the event at a 20% discount.

Registration for this event is closed.