NYCDH Inaugural Gathering 2013

Event Description:

We are proud to announce our inaugural gathering of the NYC-DH group! The gathering takes place September 28, at The Humanities Initiative at NYU. We welcome the New York City Digital Humanities for a day full of activities in grand DH fashion. We have designed a program that gives you a taste of the many different DH gathering genres: a workshop, a working session, lightning talks, unconference sessions and short talks. We hope that the event will attract emergent and established scholars and technologists from libraries, faculties and museums in the city. Registration for the event is free.


The Morning Session
Coffee + welcome

Workshop: Ray and Lynne Siemens on Building DH Community

Working session: Showcasing DH projects in NYC.

Lunch/Lightning talks
(A Lightning talk is a short presentation. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes and several will usually be delivered in a single period by different speakers. You can learn more about the format here).

The Unconference
(An unconference is a sort of academic meeting that deemphasizes formal presentations and hierarchies. The format is much loved by the digital humanities community, as exemplified by the THATCamp movement. You can learn more about the format here).

Planning for unconference sessions
Unconference sessions 1-2

Unconference sessions 3-4

Closing remarks by Matthew K. Gold and Ray Siemens


Registration for this event is closed.