Psychoanalytic Humanities Research Collaborative

Psychoanalysis in its earliest incarnation was practiced more by scholars of literature, philosophy, law, and other humanities’ disciplines than those in the medical fields proper. The proposed working group in “The Psychoanalytic Humanities” will seek to reinvigorate an exploration of the spirit of psychoanalytic theory in productive relation to literature, philosophy, and the arts in general, and away from any clinical or psychiatric focus on therapy. It has as its concrete goal the establishment of an undergraduate minor program in housed at either the Gallatin School or the College of Arts and Sciences Comparative Literature Department. More specifically, the group will collaborate on designing a curriculum of required core courses and an equal number of revolving elective courses. In addition, we plan to bring one top ranking scholar of psychoanalytic humanities to give a talk each semester of the two-year working group. We expect to begin offering the minor in the year immediately following the research years. If our minor program is as successful as we hope, we anticipate reconvening in the future to consider the development of a program and/or a center in the psychoanalytic humanities, along with a visiting scholar and graduate student program to participate in the teaching of courses and inter-university discourse on the intellectual project.

Nina Cornyetz
Associate Professor in Gallatin
Jacques Lezra
Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature