Exploring the Archive: New York City & Beyond
Course offered Spring 2014
Karen Karbiener
Master Teacher of Humanities, Global Liberal Studies
Faculty of Arts & Science
Marvin Taylor
Director of the NYU Fales Library and Special Collections

Description: This seminar is designed for juniors and seniors working on advanced research projects in the humanities. It serves as an introduction to archival research while addressing the scholarly issues raised by the students’ projects. Presentations are thus organized with students’ projects in mind, and designed to enable archival research in a range of topics, periods of specialization, and languages. In addition to on-site workshops utilizing NYU’s Fales Library and Special Collections, the course introduces students to the vast array of archival resources offered by New York City; an overnight trip to a distant archive and information sessions on the construction and use of internet archives broaden the experience beyond city limits.

Comparative Literary and Performance Theory in Contemporary Black Studies
Course offered Spring 2014
Jay Garcia
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Faculty of Arts & Science
Tavia Nyong’o
Associate Professor, Performance Studies
Tisch School of the Arts

Description: This reading-intensive seminar in contemporary black studies ranges across several disciplinary formations and is designed for students seeking to deepen existing knowledge of scholarship and theory related to black writing and expressive cultures, and as an immersion in these literatures for those seeking to hybridize black studies and/or black Atlantic theory with other areas of research. Throughout, we devote attention to key texts from the archive of “black Atlantic” thought and consider theoretical problems in the field of black studies.

Text and Technology
Course offered Fall 2014
Lisa Gitelman
Professor, Media Culture & Communication
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Christopher Leslie
Instructor of Media, Science and Technology Studies
Polytechnic Institute of NYU

Description: This course combines two seminars into one classroom with the aim of encouraging dialogue across schools and majors. The course has two professors and meets half the time at the English Department in Manhattan (244 Greene, First Floor) and half the time at 6 MetroTech in Brooklyn (Rogers Hall 213). Your MetroCards are on us! We will be meeting on Fridays to discuss readings in common, and you will be asked to collaborate on projects in addition to working on your own.

STS-UY 3434W, Hypermedia in Context: This course investigates precursors to new media, revealing the possibilities and limitations of today’s incarnations. In Fall 2014 the course will meet collaboratively with a related course taught by Professor Lisa Gitelman of NYU-Steinhardt and the College of Arts and Science.

ENGL-UA 731.001, Digital Literary Studies: The aim of this course is to put literary history and literary analysis into conversation with digital media. The seminar will meet collaboratively with a related course taught by Professor Chris Leslie of NYU-Engineering.