Doctoral Fellowships

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    Each year the NYU Center for the Humanities generally offers three Research Fellowships to graduate students in the humanities and art disciplines, including but not limited to history, art history, music, philosophy, cultural studies, literary and language studies, religious studies, drama and performance studies, cinema studies, and gender studies. Fellows are expected to be present in New York within the University community for the entire year of their residency. They will meet on a weekly basis to discuss their work-in-progress and that of invited guests, and will participate in Center activities.


    All Ph.D. candidates maintaining matriculation with full-time status in the Graduate School of Arts and Science (including IFA, Performance Studies, and Cinema Studies) or the Steinhardt School are eligible to apply. GSAS students may apply for a Fellowship for post-MacCracken support. Priority will be given to students in their final year.

    Program Requirements

    There are two main requirements expected of students participating in this program.

    Department Nomination

    Students must be nominated by their department chair in consultation with their director of graduate studies. A department may nominate up to three applicants.

    Weekly Meetings

    Fellows are expected to attend weekly meetings with the entire cohort of research fellows. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss projects and emerging humanities trends.


    Graduate Student Fellows receive a nine-month stipend of approximately $27,526, comprehensive health insurance, maintenance of matriculation and service fees, and a research award of $2,000. If awarded a NYU Center for the Humanities Research Fellowship, the student must turn down any other full-year grant/fellowship from another funding source.

    Dissertation Fellowship Research Stipends

    In addition to the three Graduate Fellows to be funded through the Center, two winners of the GSAS Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship or Mellon Fellowship will be selected as Honorary Fellows to participate in the year’s weekly meetings and events. Each Honorary Fellow will receive a research award of $2,000 and will take part fully in the Center's programming. No separate application is necessary to be considered for the Honorary Fellowship.

    Selection Criteria and Review Process

    Fellows will be selected by the NYU Center for the Humanities Fellowship Review Committee. The proposal and the department nomination will form the basis for the Committee’s decision making. Criteria for selection will be the strength and promise of the research project, the student’s academic record, and the potential for the student to contribute to and benefit from broad-based interdisciplinary discussions and activities.

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