This program is designed to foster creative and dynamic teaching across humanistic disciplines and departments, in the interest of generating innovative new courses and teaching formats. We will consider proposals from two faculty members with different areas of expertise within the same department, however preference will be given to those proposals which bring together colleagues and, ideally, students from different departments, disciplines, and schools. Existing courses may be used for the team-taught initiative, or new courses may be proposed, either to be cross-listed in different departments and/or schools. Funded courses will be offered in spring or fall of the following year.

Deadline: January 29, 2018

Applications will be available in September 2017. Notifications begin on or about March 19, 2018.


All full-time faculty in the humanities and arts at NYU.

Course load

Faculty members must consult with their department chairs regarding their intent to apply. It is expected that the proposed course will be offered during spring or fall of the following year, and will count as one full course toward their normal teaching load for that semester. Chairs should write a brief letter in support of the proposal and indicate their departments’ willingness to assign the faculty members in this manner during that semester.

Selection criteria

Successful proposals will both draw on and reflect the disciplinary and research interests of the two faculty members and address either a wide-ranging problem in the humanities or the interface between humanistic and artistic or cultural inquiry.

Review process

Stipends will be awarded by the NYU Center for the Humanities Advisory Board, composed of senior faculty and administrators appointed by the Provost, based on review of the applications.


The total award amount is $4,000:

  • $2,000 is made available for course development during the summer preceding the grant year. Funds may be spent on any reasonable expense that is directly related to the course, such as: the purchase of materials (books, journals, videos, cd’s, etc.), xeroxing fees, website development, and student researcher salary and fringe. The latter expenditure is encouraged.
  • $2,000 is reserved for course implementation (field trips, guest speakers, technology services, etc.).


Each team will be asked to provide a written assessment of their experience no later than two months following the end of the semester during which the course was taught. Stipend recipients may also be invited to present their findings during one of the weekly lunch meetings of the NYU Center for the Humanities Fellows. (They will be welcome to attend all Fellows’ meetings during their award year, generally held on Tuesdays, from 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.)

Required application components

All application components must be submitted electronically via the online application.

1. Applicant information

Each application must include the following information for each member of the faculty team:

  • Name
  • Full title (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, etc.)
  • Department and school
  • Office address and telephone
  • E-mail address
  • Name of department chair

The face sheet should also indicate the title of the proposed course and specify its intended audience (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, master’s, doctoral)

2. Proposal

The proposal, consisting of no more than 1000 words, should suggest the significance of the course for humanistic education and research, as well as the rationale for having two faculty teach it. That is, what benefits will the course offer to faculty and students alike by virtue of its being team-taught? The intended audience should also be addressed: Is this a course designed for undergraduates or graduates, and what will the prerequisites be? There should also be a brief discussion as to how the course enhances existing curricular offerings, what each faculty member conceives his/her role to be, and why this pair of faculty is especially appropriate.

3. Proposed budget (Upload .XLS .DOC or .PDF)

Applicants are requested to provide a proposed budget for course development and implementation.

4. Abbreviated curricula vitae (Upload .DOC or .PDF)

In no more than five pages, each member of the faculty team should indicate his or her education and positions held, publications and major presentations, honors and awards.

5. Syllabus (Upload .DOC or .PDF)

The Board understands that the course will only fully emerge during summer planning, but applicants should include a provisional two- to three-page syllabus with anticipated workload, requirements, and reading list.

6. Letters of support from department chairs

Application Deadline and Submission

Applications for the Team-Teaching Stipends are due in January.


Faculty and their respective departments will be notified of award decisions in March.

Further Information

Questions regarding applications should be addressed to