100% Venezuela: Venezuelan Film Festival, Second Edition
Javier Guerrero (Spanish and Portuguese)
Gerard Aching (Spanish and Portuguese)

24th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies
Ronald W. Zweig (Center for Israel Studies)
Debra London Ben-Ami (Center for Israel Studies)

5books: unbound
Barbara Rose Haum (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Accessories in the Renaissance
Bella Mirabella (Gallatin)

Bodies Exhibit Student Fieldtrip
Shaghayegh Harbi (General Studies)

Catastrophe and Caesura: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe Today
Judith Alpert (Applied Psychology)
Avital Ronell (German)
Shireen R. K. Patell (German)

Cultural Conversions: Religion, Gender, and Latino/a America
Ann Pellegrini (Performace Studies)
Josefina Saldaña-Portillo (Social and Cultural Studies; Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference
Randy Martin (Art and Public Policy)

Do-It-Yourself Media: Movement Perspectives on Social Movements
Stephen Duncombe (Gallatin)

Here and Now: African and African-American Art and Film
Deborah Willis (Photography and Imaging)

Italian Art at La Pietra: Transatlantic Conversations
Jane Tylus (Italian Studies)
Pepe Karmel (Art History)
Mariët Westermann (Institute of Fine Arts)

Jews and American Capitalism
Hasia R. Diner (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

La Pietra’s Writers’ Festival
Barbara Bonciani (Villa la Pietra)

Medieval Theater, Then and Now
Nancy Regalado (French)

Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference
Anne Lounsbery (Russian and Slavic Studies)

Modernist Studies Annual Conference
Phil Harper (English)
Patrick Deer (English)

Poetry Readings: A Celebration of Verbal and Visual Culture in Latin America
Lynn Gumpert (Grey Art Gallery)

Resisting Completing: Queer Latino/a Interventions
Maria Josephina Saldaña (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Shocked! Shocked!
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute of the Humanities)

Society for Disability Studies Conference
Don Kulick (Anthropology)

Symposium on the ‘Golden Calf’
Mark Smith (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

Symposium on Visual Culture in Germany and Italy, 1945-1955
Ruth Ben-Ghiat (Italian Studies)

The 6th Orphan Film Symposium
Dan Streible (Cinema Studies)

The Way We Read Now
Elain Freedgood (English)
Emily Apter (French)

Theory: An Ongoing Colloquium
John Hamilton (German; Comparative Literature)
Martin Harries (English)
Michèle Lowrie (Classics)

Towards a Gendered History of Italian Literature
Virginia Cox (Italian Studies)
Chiara Ferrari (Italian Studies)

Western Representation and Its Determination on Our Own Realities
Robert J. C. Young (Comparative Literature; English)

Writing Women 1700-1800: Literary History at the Crossroads
Paula McDowell (English)
Bryan E. Waterman (English)