Grants-in-Aid 2008-2009

Adelphiques: Brothers and Sisters in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Claudie Bernard (French)

Archives, Archival Practice, and the Concepts of the Archive
Peter J. Wosh (History)

Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Positions on Promotional Paradigms
Ted Magder (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Concordia Discors
Benoît Bolduc (French)
Henriette Goldwyn (French)

Diderot Today: New Perspecives
Lucien Nouis (French)
Professor Anne Deneys-Tunney (French)

Food for Thought: A Conference of Scholars, Curators, and Librarians from Institutions with Strong Food-Related Collections
Krishnendu Ray (Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health)
Marvin J. Taylor (Libraries)

Icons of the Desert: Early Paintings from Papunya
Fred Myers (Anthropology)
Pepe Karmel (Art History)
Lynn Gumpert (Grey Art Gallery)

Lecture Series on Translation
Hala Halim (Comparative Literature; Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

Manhattan Manuscripts
Eckart Goebel (German)

Music, Language, Thought: Im/Material Affinities
Magali Armillas-Tiseyra (Comparative Literature)
Amy Cimini (Music)
Michael Gallope (Music)
Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Ceci Moss (Comparative Literature)

New French Philosophy: Text and Media
Emily Apter (French)
Alexander Galloway (Media, Culture, and Communication)
Denis Hollier (French)
Ben Kafka (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Printing of the Bellevue Literary Press Book, Science Next: Innovation for the Common Good from the Center for American Progress
Jerome Lowenstein (Medicine)
Erika Goldman (Medicine)

Schubert and Solitude
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities)

Sixth Annual Conflux Festival
David Darts (Art and Art Professions)

Teatro Vivo/Living Theatre: A Festival
Sylvia Molly (Spanish and Portuguese)
Lila Zemborain (Spanish and Portuguese)
Mariela Dreyfus (Spanish and Portuguese)

Truth be Told
Linda Mills (Law)
Brian Dilg (Institute of Film and Television)

Wonder Cabinet
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities)

IX Centenary of King Alfonso VI’s Death
Salvador Martinez (Spanish and Portuguese)