Grants-in-Aid 2010-2011

The Bandstand (Publication)
Juan Flores (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Beauty and Fashion: The Black Portrait Symposium
Deborah Willis (Photography and Imaging)

Combat Trauma and the Ancient Stage
Peter Meineck (Classics)

Commodities and Culture, 1851-1914
Elaine Freedgood (English)
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan (English)
Robert J.C. Young (English and Comparative Literature)

Conference on Gender and Internal Colonialism
Linda Gordon (History)
Maria Montoya (Anthropology)
Renato Rosaldo (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Culture Wars in Translation (Publication)
Robert Stam (Cinema Stam)

The Digital Encyclopédie Conference
Lucien Nouis (French)

Emotional Cultures in Spain, from the Enlightenment to the Present
Jo Labanyi (Spanish and Portuguese)

Empire, Sexuality, and Literature in the Anglo-American World, 1700-2000: A Symposium in Honor of Henry Abelove
Carolyn Dinshaw (Social and Cultural Analysis)
John Guillory (English)
Tavia Nyong’o (Performance Studies)
Ann Pellegrini (Religious Studies, Performance Studies)

Essays on the Divine Comedy (Publication)
John Freccero (Italian Studies and Comparative Literature)

Florence’s Maiden Mediterranean Voyage (Publication)
Mahnaz Yousefzadeh (Liberal Studies)

Foundation to Innovation: A Biennial Symposium Sponsored by the Experimental Cuisine Collective
Amy Bentley (Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health)

Getting the Documents to Speak: An International Research Practicum on Cuba and the Atlantic World
Ada Ferrer (History)

Giorgio de Chirico and the Metaphysical City (Publication)
Ara Merjian (Italian Studies)

Greece, Greeks, and Hellenism in the Age of Transnationalism
Liana Theodoratou (Hellenic Studies)

House Seat (Publication)
Laurence Maslon (Graduate Acting)

Hunters, Heroes, and Kings: The Frieze of Tomb II at Vergina (Publication)
Hallie Franks (Gallatin)

Israeli Cinema (Publication)
Ella Shohat (Art and Public Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

James Baldwin’s Global Imagination
Rich Blint (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Life on Display (Publication)
Victoria Cain (Museum Studies)

Long Distance Race, Translation (Publication)
Nader Uthman (Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

Lucretius and Modernity
Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature)

Mexican Biodiversity, Green Imperialism, and Indigenous Feminist Leadership
Gayatri Gopinath (Social and Cultural Analysis)
Sonia Ospina (Public Management and Policy)
Josefina Saldana-Portillo (Social and Cultural Analysis)

New Directions in Foreign Language Teaching
Nicola Cipani (Italian Studies)
Andrea Dortmann (German)
John Moran (French)
Maria-Jose Zubieta (Spanish and Portuguese)

The Open Utopia (Online Publication)
Stephen Duncombe (Gallatin)

The Paris Review Interview: A Symposium
Katie Roiphe (Journalism)

Past and Present in China
Joanna Waley-Cohen (History)

Perform Again
Karen Shimikawa (Performance Studies)

Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry (Publication)
Tejaswini Ganti (Anthropology)

Reigning the River (Publication)
Anne Rademacher (Environmental Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis)

Russian and Slavic Studies Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Ilya Kliger (Russian and Slavic Studies)
Yanni Kotsonis (Russian and Slavic Studies and History)
Michael Kunichika (Russian and Slavic Studies)

Springtime Wonder Cabinet
Ren Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities; Journalism)

The Tragic Image (Publication)
Robert Slifkin (Institute of Fine Arts)

Translation of Das Rilke Alphabet (Publication)
Ulrich Baer (German and Comparative Literature)

Treasured Possessions: Culture, Property, and Indigenous Rights in the Pacific(Publication)
Haidy Geismar (Anthropology and Museum Studies)

Visible Evidence XVIII
Jonathan Kahana (Cinema Studies)

Visions Collided: The Lives and Letters of Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry and Poetics
Stacy Pies (Gallatin)

Volume of Seventeenth-Century Quaker Women’s Writings (Publication)
Teresa Feroli (Humanities and Social Sciences, NYU-Poly)

We Shall Be All (Publication)
Barbara Weinstein (History)

Word. The Online Journal of African American English (Online Publication)
Renée Blake (Linguistics and Social and Cultural Analysis)