Grants-in-Aid 2011-2012

The Translation Zone (Publication)
Emily Apter (French)

Dante and Heterodoxy
Maria Luisa Ardizzoni (Italian Studies)

Music: Parts and Labor
Michael Beckerman (Music)
Jessica Schwartz (Music)
Benjamin Tausig (Music)
Siv Lie (Music)
Anna Reidy (Music)

AUTOFICTION: Literature in France Today
Tom Bishop (French, Comparative Literature)

The Affect Factory
Barbara Browning (Performance Studies)

The Port Huron Statement @50
Robert Cohen (Steinhardt Teaching and Learning)
Daniel Walkowitz (Social and Cultural Analysis, History)
Marilyn Young (History)

Brevísima relación de la construcción de España y otros ensayos transatlánticos. 1991-2011 (Publication)
James Fernández (Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures)

The Rhetoric of Violence and Sacrifice in Fascist Italy: Mussolini, Gadda, Vittorini(Publication)
Chiara Ferrari (Italian Studies)

Untouchable Fictions (Publication)
Toral Gajawarla (English)

Manhattan Manuscripts (Publication)
Eckert Goebe (German)

The Birth of Chinese Feminism: He-Yin Zen and Her Feminist Worlds (Publication)
Rebecca Karl (East Asian Studies, History)

2012 Bioethics Conference: The Moral Brain
S. Matthew Liao (Center for Bioethics)

Latin American Art Bibliography: A Continuing Conversation
Amy Lucker (Institute of Fine Arts Library)

2012 Imagining America Conference
Randy Martin (Art and Public Policy)
Dipti Desai (Art and Art Professions)
Lorie Novak (Photography and Imaging)
Jack Tchen (Social and Cultural Analysis)

My Poets (Publication)
Maureen McLane (English)

Dreaming Information (Publication)
Eve Meltzer (Gallatin)

NOW! Visual Culture
Nicholas Mirzoeff (Media, Culture, and Communications)

Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics this Side of Seduction
Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Lauren Shizuko-Faraone (Comparative Literature)
Barbara Nagel (German)

Human Values and Digital Media: Getting From Theory to Practice
Helen Nissenbaum (Media, Culture, and Communications)
Luke Stark (Media, Culture, and Communications)



Visual Cultures and Visual Activism in African Women’s Photography
Awam Amkpa (Africana Studies, Drama)
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

Imagining the Child Reader: Literacy, Property, and the Media of Childhood in Nineteenth-Century America (Publication)
Patricia Crain (English)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Nature/Culture (Publication)
Anne Deneys-Tunney (French)

Why Remember Guantanamo?
Haidy Geismar (Anthropology)
Liz Sevcenko (Public History and Archives)

What is the Artist of the 21st Century?: Peter Singer, With Artist’s Response
RoseLee Goldberg (Art & Art Professions)

Islam and the Atlantic World: New Paradigms and Prospects (Publication)
Aisha Khan (Anthropology)

Blowing Minds: The East Village Other, the Rise of Underground Comix and the Alternative Press
Brooke Kroeger (Journalism)

Antonia Lant (Cinema Studies)

Rome and the Worlds Beyond Roman Frontiers, Eleventh Workshop of the Impact of Empire Network
Michael Peachin (Classics)

Media in Asian Globalization: Identity and Dissent in China and India, 1977-present
Arvind Rajagopal (Media, Culture, and Communications)
Zhen Zhang (Cinema Studies)

Out of Time: Philip Guston’s and the Refiguration of Postwar American Art (Publication)
Robert Slifkin (Institute of Fine Arts)

African Roots, Brazilian Rites: Cultural and National Identity in Brazil (Publication)
Cheryl Sterling (Liberal Studies Program)

Queer Cuba: Desire and Inequality in the Afterlife of Socialism (Publication)
Noelle Stout (Anthropology)

From San Juan to Paris and Back: Francisco Oller and Caribbean Art in the Era of Impressionism (Publication)
Edward Sullivan (Art History)

Speaking of Gordon Parks: A Symposium
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

Visualizing Emancipation: What did freedom look like? (Publication)
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

History and Philosophy of Education
Jonathan Zimmerman (Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions, History)