Grants-in-Aid for Book Publication Subventions

The NYU Center for the Humanities makes available a limited number of grants in support of the publication of books with a humanistic focus. These Grants-in-Aid provide financial assistance for certain publication costs. Funds are limited and awarded twice in an academic year. Applications are due on October 17 and March 10 each year.


We invite applications from faculty in full-time positions at NYU in the arts or humanities with book contracts in hand. Special consideration is given to faculty at the early stages of their career. Awards can be made up to $1500 depending on need. Faculty can apply once every five years.


Up to $1500 per successful applicant can be applied toward costs incurred in the process of publishing a monograph or edited volume, including assistance with obtaining permissions for images and other copyrighted materials, indexing, and costs associated with translation. Funds are not available for proof-reading/copy-editing, travel expenses, or book promotion/marketing.

Selection Criteria

Each proposal is reviewed by the NYU Center for the Humanities Grant-in-Aid Subcommittee and is evaluated in accordance with the applicant’s statement of its intellectual purpose and significance.

Required application components

All application components must be submitted electronically via the online application.

  1. Applicant Information and Outline
  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s full title (professor, associate professor, assistant professor, etc.)
  • Applicant’s department and school
  • Applicant’s office address, including phone number
  • Applicant’s e-mail address, Net ID, and NYU ID number (N #)
  • Title of proposed publication
  • Amount requested
  • Duration/key dates of publication
  1. Description of Publication (Upload .DOC or .PDF)

Please include a clear statement, consisting of no more than 1000 words, describing the intellectual purpose and significance of the publication. References, bibliography, or footnotes do not count toward this word limit.

  1. Budget (Upload .DOC, .XLS or .PDF)

Itemized publication costs on one page. Indicate other sources of funding for which you have applied and include confirming documentation. If other funds have already been committed or secured, please indicate sources and amounts.

  1. Contract (Upload .DOC, .PDF)

Include a copy of a publication contract.

  1. Brief letter of support from Department Chair (Upload .DOC, .PDF)

NOTE: The applicant is required to gather this letter from their Department Chair and upload it into this application form. This brief signed letter should indicate support of this grant application. Application forms cannot be submitted without a letter present.

Application Deadline

Applications for the Grants-in-Aid for Book Publication will be accepted twice in an academic year: October 17 and March 10. Please note that funds are limited.


Applicants who apply by the October 17, 2016 deadline will be notified on or about December 9, 2016.

Applicants who apply by the March 10, 2017 deadline will be notified on or about May 5, 2017.

Further Information

Questions regarding applications should be addressed to