Local Contexts 2.0: Implementing the Traditional Knowledge Labels

A recent recipient of a three year, $350,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, Local Contexts is the name of an online platform developed to address the intellectual property needs of Native, First Nations, Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples in relation to the extensive collections of cultural heritage materials currently held within museums, archives, libraries and private collections. Local Contexts addresses the unique problem of public domain materials and third party owned content that is divorced from local communities and missing rich narration and curation. One of the key devices for engaging this curatorial challenge is the suite of Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels. In an increasingly complex legal, social and cultural environment, the TK Labels offer Native/First Nations peoples and communities the tools to add cultural and historical context to their cultural heritage content in non-Native digital archives, libraries, and museums in the United States and/or their own local digital heritage archives. This project involves the development of a set of protocols, standards, tools, and resources relating to digital curation and stewardship of Indigenous cultural heritage that assists non-Native collecting institutions and local Native American communities to enhance access and management of knowledge about humanities collections.

Link to Project Website: www.localcontexts.org

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