New York Scapes

NewYorkScapes is a research community exploring the application of concepts, tools, and resources in the digital humanities to the study of urban space. Through conversation and collaboration among scholars, archivists, artists, and activists, it seeks to facilitate the development of projects related to interpretation, curation, and communication of the documentary record of New York City, and projects engaging with the aesthetics, art, literature, design and other experiences of the city. What new opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration do digital tools afford scholars working in these areas? How might new digital tools make the art, culture and history of New York visible in new ways, to new publics? How might multidisciplinary inquiry into the city’s evolving cultural geographies foster critical engagement with institutions, media, spaces, and performances that continue to shape urban experience and humanist practices in the 21st century?

We seek to answer these questions and other by convening workshops to explore the various intersections between digital tools and archival documents, and by seeking to facilitate project-based collaborations among graduate students, faculty, librarians, and technologists in the stewardship of archival resources. We view this website as an online forum to continue these discussions, as well as a portal to various digital collections and resources.


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