Sculpted Glyphs: Egypt and the Musée Charles X

Institute of Fine Arts PhD candidate Elizabeth Buhe’s ‘Sculpted Glyphs: Egypt and the Musée Charles X’ is a digital humanities article published in the online journal Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide (Spring 2014). The article presents a three-dimensional, high-resolution, and fully-navigable model of the Louvre’s first Egyptian museum, the Musée Charles X, which opened in 1827. The virtual model displays a representative sample of the objects placed within it by its curator, Jean-François Champollion, and enables the viewer to explore the space and learn more about the antiquities on display through pop-up texts with translations from the original guidebook. In addition to the three-dimensional model, a scholarly essay provides context for Champollion’s view of Egyptian art, and offers some perspective on his organizational logic in the Musée Charles X. The digital format of this journal enabled the publication of transcriptions of archival inventories, the primary sources from which data for the virtual exhibition was culled, alongside links to the main textual sources written by Champollion and cited in the article. Finally, a project narrative addresses the challenges associated with the conception and collaborative production of this digital humanities work.


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