The Margaret Sanger Papers Project

The Margaret Sanger Papers Project, sponsored by NYU’s Division of Libraries, has gathered, identified and published a two-series 101-reel microfilm edition of Margaret Sanger’s papers (ProQuest, 1986-87), and is completing a four-volume book edition, the Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, published by the University of Illinois Press. The Project’s mission is to educate the public about the history and impact of the birth control movement and one of America’s most important and intriguing social reformers. We are building web-based tools to preserve and make accessible the recent history of the birth control movement and its best-known proponent, Margaret Sanger (1879-1966). The Project is currently working  on a project to provide free and deep web-based access to the Speeches and Articles of Margaret Sanger Speeches and Articles of Margaret Sanger, which will comprise over nine hundred documents, spanning 1911 to 1959. We are also exploring the creation of Birth Control-International, a digital platform and archive in collaboration with reproductive rights activists and scholars, to locate, digitize and make accessible the documentary history of the 20th century international family planning movement . Dr. Esther Katz is the editor and director.


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