Joshua Bender
English and American Literature, New York University ‘18

Inside the Balikbayan: Accessing Filipina/o Americanness, Subjectivity, and Mystification in Contemporary Filipina/o American Literature

Breanna Byrd
Social and Cultural Analysis and Anthropology, New York University ‘19

Aftermath Revisited: The Slum Phenomenon, Postcolonial Urban Initiatives, and ‘Assistance’ Refusal in Accra

Paige Hutton*
American Studies, Wesleyan University ‘18

Whitewashing the Universe: Representations of, and threats to, Racialized Queerness in Steven Universe

Janet Ibarra*
Chicana/o Studies, California State University Dominguez Hills ‘18

Xingonas con Curvas: Conceptualizing the Body Fetishization and Body Appropriation of women of Color by Mainstream Culture

Nicolás Juárez*
Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma ‘19

IndiansXXX: Pornography, Native American Women, and Settler Sexual Violence

Eniola Kolawole
Global Liberal Studies, New York University ‘19

The Growth of an Identity: How the Emergence of Salons for Muslim Women and Natural Haired Women of African Descent Affects Their Identities in a Eurocentric and Islamophobic America

Ami Nanavaty*
American Studies and Microbiology, University of Kansas ‘18

Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar: Conceptualizing Hindu American Support for Trump through Hindu Whiteness and Nationalism

Javier Porras Madero
Latin American Studies and Economics, New York University ‘18

(An)Other Campaign? Reckoning with Ruptures in Zapatistas’ Perception of Dignity after the Sixth Declaration

Elijah Porter*
English, Fisk University ‘18

Pixelating Rainbows: Examining Reactions to Queer Suppression in Children’s Cartoons

Marcelo Yáñez
Art History, New York University ‘18

Continuance of Life: Aesthetic Transmission Between Peter Hujar and David Wojnarowicz

Aman Williams*
African-American Studies, University of California Los Angeles ‘18

For the Culture: Black Girls and Black Power, 1966-1986

*indicates a LAMI fellow

  • Black Power, White Ideals: The Paradox of a Colonized Revolutionary by Alisa Bruce (History and Economics, Howard ’18)
  • “Everyone Negro Walk in a Circle”: Non-Linear Temporality in Beloved, Kindred and the Book of Night Women by Danielle Jones (English, Dartmouth ’17)
  • “Georgia Peach”: Rasheeda, Laboring Pleasure and the Complexities of Southern Respectability by Amara Lawson-Chavanu (Gender Studies, UCLA ’17)
  • Bordering Butterflies: The Opposing Narratives of Newspaper Coverage During the Mexican Repatriation by Guadalupe Madrigal (Communications Studies, UCLA ’17)
  • Frontiers of Flesh: Politicizing the Unstable Body in the Performances of Patty Chang & Xaviera Simmons by Emily Sun (Ethnic Studies and Literary Arts, Brown ’18)

  • Ouma Amadou (World Languages and Cultures & Women’s and Gender Studies, Iowa State ’17)
  • Cassandra Flores-Montaño (Women’s and Gender Studies, Wellesley ’16)
  • Oscar Hurtado (Political Science and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Williams College ’17)
  • Cynthia Marrero-Ramos (Philosophy and America Studies, DePaul ’16)
  • Christopher Mendoza (Linguistics and Russian Studies, Macalester College, ’17)

  • Max Jacobs (History, Rutgers ’15)
  • Jovanna Jones (Philosophy and African-American Studies, Emory ’15)
  • Kenyetta Lowery (Mass Communications, Edward Waters College ’15)
  • Emily Rogers (Liberal Arts and Queer Studies, Sarah Lawrence College,’15)
  • Erica Sterling (History and Psychology, Emory ’15)

  • Cultures of Power: Harlem Children’s Zone and Poverty Intervention Efforts by Elsa Hardy (African American Studies, Wesleyan ’14)
  • Extending Rawls: A Philosophical Approach to Socialized Inequality by Aurora Llamas (Philosophy, Cornell, ’14)
  • (De)Composing the Self: Embodied Imagery, Theatrical Space and Gender in the Performance of Teresa Hernandez by Veronica Rivera-Negron (Information and Journalism, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras ’14)
  • The U.S.-Mexico Border’s Invisible Hand: A Rhetorical Analysis of President Obama’s Deferred Action Speech by Darren Esparza (Communications and Chicano Studies, CSU Northridge ’13)
  • The Contours of the New World: The Problem of Particularity in Richard Wright’s “Native Son” by Kyle Gipson (Sociology, Bard College ’13)
  • Social Class Structure and the Legacy of French Colonialism in “The Kingdom of This World by Alejo Carpentier and Texaco” by Patrick Chamoiseau by Sydney-Paige Patterson* (English and African American Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington ’13)
  • Product Placement: Spatial Branding and The Geography of Materialism in the works of Don DeLillo and Colson Whitehead by Jonathan Savage* (English and History, University of North Texas ’13)

*indicates a LAMI fellow who later attended NYU for graduate school