• Black Power, White Ideals: The Paradox of a Colonized Revolutionary by Alisa Bruce (History and Economics, Howard ’18)
  • “Everyone Negro Walk in a Circle”: Non-Linear Temporality in Beloved, Kindred and the Book of Night Women by Danielle Jones (English, Dartmouth ’17)
  • “Georgia Peach”: Rasheeda, Laboring Pleasure and the Complexities of Southern Respectability by Amara Lawson-Chavanu (Gender Studies, UCLA ’17)
  • Bordering Butterflies: The Opposing Narratives of Newspaper Coverage During the Mexican Repatriation by Guadalupe Madrigal (Communications Studies, UCLA ’17)
  • Frontiers of Flesh: Politicizing the Unstable Body in the Performances of Patty Chang & Xaviera Simmons by Emily Sun (Ethnic Studies and Literary Arts, Brown ’18)

  • Ouma Amadou (World Languages and Cultures & Women’s and Gender Studies, Iowa State ’17)
  • Cassandra Flores-Montaño (Women’s and Gender Studies, Wellesley ’16)
  • Oscar Hurtado (Political Science and Gender & Sexuality Studies, Williams College ’17)
  • Cynthia Marrero-Ramos (Philosophy and America Studies, DePaul ’16)
  • Christopher Mendoza (Linguistics and Russian Studies, Macalester College, ’17)

  • Max Jacobs (History, Rutgers ’15)
  • Jovanna Jones (Philosophy and African-American Studies, Emory ’15)
  • Kenyetta Lowery (Mass Communications, Edward Waters College ’15)
  • Emily Rogers (Liberal Arts and Queer Studies, Sarah Lawrence College,’15)
  • Erica Sterling (History and Psychology, Emory ’15)

  • Cultures of Power: Harlem Children’s Zone and Poverty Intervention Efforts by Elsa Hardy (African American Studies, Wesleyan ’14)
  • Extending Rawls: A Philosophical Approach to Socialized Inequality by Aurora Llamas (Philosophy, Cornell, ’14)
  • (De)Composing the Self: Embodied Imagery, Theatrical Space and Gender in the Performance of Teresa Hernandez by Veronica Rivera-Negron (Information and Journalism, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras ’14)
  • The U.S.-Mexico Border’s Invisible Hand: A Rhetorical Analysis of President Obama’s Deferred Action Speech by Darren Esparza (Communications and Chicano Studies, CSU Northridge ’13)
  • The Contours of the New World: The Problem of Particularity in Richard Wright’s “Native Son” by Kyle Gipson (Sociology, Bard College ’13)
  • Social Class Structure and the Legacy of French Colonialism in “The Kingdom of This World by Alejo Carpentier and Texaco” by Patrick Chamoiseau by Sydney-Paige Patterson* (English and African American Studies, Indiana University-Bloomington ’13)
  • Product Placement: Spatial Branding and The Geography of Materialism in the works of Don DeLillo and Colson Whitehead by Jonathan Savage* (English and History, University of North Texas ’13)

*indicates a LAMI fellow who later attended NYU for graduate school