Apollinaire & Sutherland: Translating Animals & Art Forms

Poetry and image; text, voice, and music; antique mythology, medieval Christian allegory, and 20th century modernism combine within and between The Bestiary or Procession of Orpheus (1911), a multimedia work by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire & artist Raoul Dufy; and its homonym, The Bestiary or Procession of Orpheus (1979) by the British artist Graham Sutherland. This symposium does not aim to (re)construct a lineage of compositions, but collectively and creatively to explore aesthetic and intellectual processes that operate in different times, places, and media, and move freely between humanistic & post-humanist critical dimensions: between animals & art forms. Space is limited. More info and RSVP

Saturday, June 17 | 9:00AM to 6:00PM
NYU-London, Bedford Square, London, UK

Speakers include:

  • Monica Bohm-Duchen (NYU-London, Art history)
  • Sarah Kay (NYU-Washington Square, French & Comparative Literature)
  • Timothy Mathews (UCL, French & Comparative Literature)
  • Rachel Mundy (Rutgers, Musicology)
  • Clive Scott (UEA, School of Literature, Drama & Creative Writing)
  • Matthew Senior (Oberlin College, French & Italian)
  • Sarah Spence (University of Georgia, Latin & Comparative Literature)
  • George Szirtes (UEA, Creative Writing)

Organized by Sarah Kay (NYU) & Timothy Mathews (UCL)

Cosponsored by the NYU Department of French Literature, Thought, & Culture; NYU-Global; NYU-London; NYU Center for the Humanities; and UCL.

Image: ‘Orpheus, Making Music for the Animals,’ Adriaen Collaert, 1570 – 1618, The Rijksmuseun, retrieved from Poetry in Translation