Where philosophy falls between poetry and mathematics

Event Recap of Philosophy, Between Poetry and Mathematics, 10/26/17

“Philosophy, which thinks truths as a mixture of being and event, is a sort of poeticization of mathematics.”

Alain Badiou

We welcomed renowned French philosopher Alain Badiou on October 26th, to discuss the role of philosophy between poetry and mathematics. Alexander Galloway, from the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, responded.

Badiou presented his discussion of philosophy in the context of poetry and mathematics with 13 theses. In further defining the roles of mathematics and poetry, he identified where philosophy fits in between, and among, these disciplines.

Thesis 6. Mathematics, as a formal ontology of multiplicities, is an independent science, which constitutes a closed field. Poetry, as the extraordinary treatment of ordinary language, can emerge from any text whatsoever.

Experience the full event in the video below.