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Celebrating 50 Years of the National Endowment for the Humanities

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The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), a government-funded program, began in 1965 with the purpose to “serve and strengthen our republic by promoting excellence in the humanities and conveying the lessons of history to all Americans.” Learn more about NEH.
Over the years, many NYU faculty have been awarded NEH grants to support their humanities projects. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the NEH, the NYU Center for the Humanities compiled all of these projects to showcase the remarkable work of NYU faculty in the humanities.
This list is being regularly updated; please let us know if we’re missing anything by emailing info@nyuhumanities.org.
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Howard Besser, Education and Training for Moving Image Specialists

Michele Marincola, Training for Conservation and Preservation of Material Culture for Humanities Access

Rayna Rapp and Faye Ginsburg, Cognitive Disability in 21st-Century America


Roger Bagnall, Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri

Tejaswini Ganti, Indian Cinema in the United States, 1928-Present

Maureen Mahon, Voices of African American Women in Rock and Roll, 1953-1984

Robert McChesney, The History of Modern Afghanistan (1896-1919): The Translation of Volume Four of Siraj-al-tawarikh (The Lamp of Histories)

Peter Meineck, YouStories: Classics, Conversation, Connection


Howard Besser, Graduate Education for Moving Image Specialists

Esther Katz, The Margaret Sanger Papers Project: Book and Digital Editions

Hannelore Roemich, Conservation Training for Preservation and Access

Martha Rust, NEH Enduring Questions Course on “What Is Memory?”

Larry Wolff, Europe in Modern European History


Roger Bagnall, Digital Corpus of Greek and Latin Literary Papyri

Thomas Elliott, Linked Ancient World Data Institute

John Tchen, Margo Machida, and Alexandra Chang, Re-envisioning Asian American Art History

Sinclair Thomson, Serpentine Memory: Indian Revolution and Historical Imagination in the Andes (18th to 21st Centuries)


Thomas Elliott, Pleiades: Content and Community for Ancient Geography

Alex Jassen, Violence, Religion, and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Anne Lounsbery, Life Is Elsewhere: Symbolic Geography in the Russian Novel

Peter Meineck, Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives: Poetry-Drama-Dialogue

Hannelore Roemich, Art and Material Culture Conservation and Training

Andrew Sartori, Political Economy and Social Science in Colonial Bengal

Nicholas Wolf, Hidden Community: A Social History of the Irish Language and its Speakers, 1800-1870

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Thomas Elliott, Epigraphic Interoperability Workshops

Esther Katz, The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger: Book and Digital Editions

Chela Weber and Michael Nash, Pamphlets and Ephemera as Social and Cultural History: Preserving an Alternative Print Tradition at the Tamiment Library


Roger Bagnall, Advanced Papyrological Information System, Phase 6

Howard Besser, Professional Training for Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

Brian Hoffman and Kathleen Fitzpatrick, MediaCommons: Social Networking Tools for Digital Scholarly Communication

Michele Marincola, Training the 21st-Century Conservator

Peter Meineck, Page and Stage: Theatre, Tradition, and Culture in America

Anne Schuchman, The Life of Umiliana de’ Cerchi (1219-1246)

Robert Squillace, Simonides: A Student-Centered Humanities Learning Tool


Fiona Griffiths, Nuns and Priests: Mutuality and Dependence in the Medieval Monastery, 1050-1250

Paul Horwich, Wittgenstein’s Meta-Philosophy

Charlotte Priddle, Preservation Assessment of the New York Studio School Audio-visual Archives

Kay Shelemay, Ethiopian Music and Musicians in the United States

Evelyn Vitz, Performability of Medieval French Narrative


Juan Flores, Cultural Challenges of Return Migration

Michele Marincola, Graduate Instruction in Conservation

Michael Stoller, Digitizing Afghanistan Publications, 1871 to 1930

Zhen Zhang, Cold War Romance: Film and Cultural Politics Across the Taiwan Strait, 1950s-1970s


Ziad Elmarsafy, Translation of the Qur’an and the Early Modern Construction of Islam

Michael Stoller, Creating an Afghanistan Digital Library


Thomas Augst, The Sobriety Test: Temperance, Manhood, and the Melodramas of Citizenship

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Italian Fascist Prisoners of War and the Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy

Howard Besser, Graduate Program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation

Esther Katz, The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger


Irene Krauthamer, Slavery, Emancipation, Race, and Citizenship in the Indian Territory, 1865-1907

Michele Marincola, Graduate Instruction in the Conservation of Material Culture Collections

Michael Nash, Processing the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (1930 to the Present)

Jeffrey Rubenstein, The Culture of the Babylonian Talmud


Esther Katz, The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger

Karen Newman, Surveying Paris: Urban Space and Urban Culture in the Early Modern City

Jeffrey Sammons, The 369th Regiment of Harlem and the Crusade for Citizenship

Willa Silverman, Unpacking Their Libraries: French Bibliophiles and the Culture of Print, 1880-1914


Margaret Ellis, Endowed Program Development and Fellowship Support

Michele Marincola and Margaret Ellis, Graduate Instruction in the Care of Ethnographic and Archaeological Collections Property

Judith Stacey, Alternative Family Formation in Los Angeles


Martin Chusid, Verdi Congress 2001: Verdi in Retrospect and Today

Ada Ferrer, The Influence of the Haitian Revolution in Cuba, 1791-1804

Marilyn Gaull, To Imagine What We Know: British Narrative Science and the Romantic Imagination, 1760-1812

Kyra Gaunt, The Articulation of Identity in Black Cultural Performance

Esther Katz, The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger

Kathryn Smith, Three Women Patrons and Their Books of Hours: Art and Devotion in Early 14th-Century England

Evelyn Vitz, The French Medieval Lyric and the Liturgy

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Deborah Elliston, Engendering Nationalist Struggle: The Politics of Daily Life and French Colonialism in Polynesia


Roger Bagnall, Advanced Papyrological Information System, Phase 2 (APIS)

Roger Bagnall, Society and Culture in Roman Egypt

Margaret Ellis, Instruction in the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Collections

Esther Katz, The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger

Kristen Monroe, Narratives of Moral Choice During the Holocaust: Understanding Rescuers and Perpetrators

Bambi Schieffelin, New Words, New Worlds: Literacy, Language, and Social Change in Kaluli culture, Papua, New Guinea

George Shulman, Prophecy and Redemption in American Political Culture

Sinclair Thomson, Aymara Politics in the Age of Insurgency: Colonial Crisis, Community and Andean Self-Rule in 18th-Century La Paz

Rita Wright, Landscape Histories and Human Settlement in the Indus Valley Civilization: Harappa and Its Hinterlands


Jane Burbank, A Different Justice: Legal Culture and Modernity in Russia, 1905-1925

Karen Newman, Cultural Capitals: Early Modern London and Paris


Roger Bagnall, Advanced Papyrological Information System [APIS]

Margaret Ellis, Instruction in the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Collections

Esther Katz, The Margaret Sanger Papers


Leslie Berlowitz, Rethinking African-American History and Literature Through Autobiography

Herbert Blau, Performance Theory: Modern Drama and Postmodern Theater

Paul Boghossian, The A PRIORI and Its Place in Knowledge: A Consideration of Quine’s Rejection

Robert Chazan, Foundations of Contemporary Culture: A New Core Curriculum at NYU

Bruce Grant, Siberian Memoirs Past and Present

Marion Kaplan, Jewish Women and Families in Nazi Germany

Antonia Lant, Women’s Writings on the Cinema: The First Fifty Years


Roger Bagnall, Writing History from Papyri

Debra Bernhardt, Arrangement, Description, and Microfilming of the Greenwich House Archives

Warren Dean, Democratic Institutions and Environmental Protection in Latin America

Dale Eickelman, Re-imagining Community and Society: The Middle East and Central Asia

Cliff Eisen, Mozart’s Salzburg Symphonies

Phillip Harper, Modern American Poetry: The Tradition in Question

Martha Hodes, White Women and Black Men in the 19th-Century American South

Jacqueline Jaffe, Narrative, Romance, and Imperialism in Arthur Conan Doyle’s THE GREAT BOER WAR

Karen Newman, Surveying Paris: Urban Space and Urban Culture in the Early Modern City

Christopher Ratte, Research and Documentation at the Roman City of Aphrodisias (Turkey)

Bambi Schieffelin, New Words, New Worlds: Kaluli Language and Social Change

Evelyn Vitz, French Medieval Romance in Oral and Performed Traditions

Joanna Waley-Cohen, Warfare and Politics in 18th-Century China


Robert Bailey, Richard Wagner’s Festival Dramas

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Culture and National Identity in Fascist Italy

Leslie Berlowitz, Teaching Through Film: The American City as Subject

Ross Brann, Representations of Muslims and Jews in Hispano-Hebrew and Hispano-Arabic Literature

Herrick Chapman, Citizens and the State after the Second World War

Kerrie Cotton, Summer Fellows Program

Margaret Ellis, Training Program for Conservators of Archaeological and Ethnographic Collections

Daniel Javitch, The Editorial Presentation of Boccaccio, Petrarch, and Dante by Venetian Publishers

Tony Judt, Re-Thinking European History: 1945-89

Esther Katz, The Margaret Sanger Papers

Margaret McLagan, Constructing a Transnational Tibetan Identity

Rena Mueller, Liszt’s LES PRELUDES: An Edition

Michael Nash, Advertising as Social and Cultural History: A Project to Preserve and Process Six Corporate Advertising Collections

Linda Nochlin, Representation and Practices of Bathing in 19th-Century France

Peter Unger, Moral Terms and Commonsense Moral Thinking


Herbert Blau, Seminar in Performance Theory: Modern Drama and Postmodern Theater

Mervin Dilts, A Critical Edition of the Orations of Aeschines

Cliff Eisen, Mozart’s Salzburg Symphonies

Leslie Eisenberg, The Biological Effects of Sociocultural Change During the 6th and 7th Centuries in Northern France

Claudia Lomnitz, Exorcising Tepoztlan: Politics, Culture, and Anthropology in a Mexican Village

Nancy Regalado, A Study of Philip the Fair’s FESTE, the Pentecost Celebration in Paris in 1313

Kay Shelemay, Song and Remembrance Among Syrian Jews in the Americas

John Tchen, Remembering New York Chinatown

Kenneth Zysk, Translation of Vagbhata’s COMPILATION OF EIGHT LIMBS (OF MEDICINE)


Roger Bagnall, Written and Unwritten in Ancient Societies

E. Chou, The Literature of the T’ang Dynasty, 618-906

Daniel Fleming, Ancient Syrian Religion: The Ritual Texts from Emar

Mary Henderson, Jo Mielziner and the Theater of His Time

Esther Katz, The Margaret Sanger Papers

Karen Newman, City Scenes: Culture and Society in 17th-Century London and Paris

John Tchen, 1991 Charles Frankel Prize

Rita Wright, Interaction Networks in the Harappan Civilization: The Production, Consumption, and Exchange of Ceramics


Thomas Abercrombie, Transformations of Religious Dance-Drama in Bolivian Cities

Edwin Amenta, The Townsend Movement and American Old-Age Spending Policies

Robert Bailey, The Operas of Wagner

Seth Benardete, The Ancient Philosophy of Law

Leslie Berlowitz, 1492: Crosscurrents of Culture

Larissa Bonfante, International Corpus of Etruscan Mirrors

Joan Connelly, The Greek Priestess

Pam Crabtree, Anglo-Saxon Diet and Subsistence: An Archaeological Investigation

Dale Eickelman, Other Orients: Soviet and American Perspectives on Muslim and Middle Eastern Societies and Politics

Mary Henderson, Jo Mielziner and the Theatre of His Time

Ashleigh Imus, Stylistic Foundations in Dante’s INFERNO, PURGATORIO, and PARADISO

Karen Newman, The Management of Women in Early Modern Europe

Leslie Peirce, Queen Mother and Grand Vezir: Ottoman Political Correspondence

John Tchen, Memories of New York’s Chinatown

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Roger Bagnall, The Greek City: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Thomas Bender, American Cultural History: Biography, Texts, Cities

Mervin Dilts, A New Edition of Scholia on Aeschines

Yael Feldman, Freudianism and Its Discontents: Ideology and Depth Psychologies in Hebrew Literature and Culture

Everett Frost, HORSPIEL (Sound Play): Adaptations of German Radio Drama

Steven Hutkins, In Pursuit of Wisdom: A Proposal for Three New Humanities Courses

Esther Katz, The Margaret Sanger Papers

Christina Kraus, Livy’s Use of the Roman Historiographical Tradition

Thomas Mathews, The Birth of Christian Art

Michael Nash, Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Records Preservation Project

David Voorhees, The Papers of Jacob Leisler, Governor of New York, 1689-91


Charles Affron, Art Direction in Cinema, 1927-59: United States, Great Britain, France, Italy

Patricia Bonomi, The Cornbury Scandal: The Politics of Reputation in Anglo-America

Everett Frost, Hoerspiel USA

Isabelle Hyman, Marcel Breuer, Architect: The Complete Buildings

Fred Myers, An Interpretation of Anthropological Fieldwork with Australian Aborigines, 1973-88

Karen Newman, Shakespeare: OTHELLO and THE WINTER’S TALE

Shelley Rice, Parisian Views: A New Vision for a New City

Richard Schechner, The Relationship between Ritual and Performance

John Singler, Liberian Settler English: A Case Study of Language Change

Mary Wilson, The Middle East under Mandate, 1920-48: A Comparative History


Robert Bailey, The Music of Wagner

Thomas Beidelman, Social Aspects of Gender in East Africa

Thomas Bender, The University and the City

Leslie Berlowitz, The French Revolution and its Modern Legacy: A Bicentennial Reappraisal

Leslie Berlowitz, The New York University-Manhattan High Schools Collaborative on the Age of the Democratic Revolution

Herbert Blau, Performance Theory: Modern Drama and Postmodern Theater

Stanley Boorman, Early Italian Music Printing: A Bibliographical Study

Peter Brunette, The Films of Luchino Visconti

E. Chou, The Poetry of Tu Fu, 712-70: Its Methods and Aesthetics

Leslie Eisenberg, Late Prehistoric Cultural Adaptation in Central Tennessee: Insights from the Reexcavated Gordon Town Site

Everett Frost, The Beckett Festival of Radio Plays

Marion Kaplan, Jewish Women in Imperial Germany

Rena Mueller, The Music of Liszt: A Catalogue of the Manuscript Sources

Carl Prince, The Papers of William Livingston: Volume 5, 1783-1790

Jeffrey Sammons, A History of Sport and Its Relationship to Reform in South Africa

Kenneth Silverman, A Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

Beth Stevens, The American Labor Movement and the Development of Employee Benefits

Evelyn Vitz, Orality, Literacy, and Old French Saints’ Lives

Alison West, The “Paragone” in France: The Debate about Painting and Sculpture, 1670-1840


Roger Bagnall, The Greek City: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Thomas Bender, Cultural History and Cities in America

Bernard Garniez, French Institute for High School Teachers

A. John Hay, The Chinese Dragon: An Icon of Cultural Structure

Marion Kaplan, Social History of Jewish Women in Imperial Germany

Ann Marie Leavy, The Life and Photography of Andre Kertesz

Michael Nash, Penn Central Railroad Historical Records Project

William Nelson, The Origins of Constitutional Supremacy

Shelley Rice, Parisian Views: A New Vision for a New City

Kay Shelemay, Oral and Written Transmission of Ethiopian Christian Chant

Randall White, Ice Age Art and Ornamentation in the Beloit College Collections


Thomas Bishop, Avant-garde Theater in Europe and the U.S.

Ross Brann, The Compunctious Poet: Cultural Ambiguity and Hebrew Poetry in Muslim Spain

Warren Dean, Summer Institute in Latin American Peoples and Cultures

Carolyn Dinshaw, Chaucer’s Sexual Poetics

Paul Mattingly, Private Wealth and Public Learning, 1860-1930

Karen Newman, Collaborative Research on Cultural Definitions of Gender

Rayna Rapp, Studies in Bioethics and American Culture

Moss Roberts, Complete Translation with Critical Apparatus of San Guo Zhi Yan Yi, “Three Kingdoms”

Stephen Rudy, New Vistas in Grammar: Invariance and Variation

Annette Weiner, Rituals and Exchange Events as Objects of Regeneration

Donald White, An Intellectual History of American Foreign Relations in the Post-World War II Era


Roger Bagnall, A Model Microfilming Project for Classical Studies

Roger Bagnall, A Social History of Late Roman Egypt

Herbert Blau, The Role of the Audience in the Modern Theatre

Jane Burbank, A Different Justice: The Origins of Soviet Legality

Thomas Nagel, The Extent to Which Objectivity is Possible

Nancy Regalado, Reading Villon’s Poetry: Poetic Function of Represented Colloquial Speech

Macha Rosenthal, Studies in Poetic Evaluation, with Special Attention to Modern Verse

Stewart Stehlin, The Dynamics of Civic and Urban Revival in Munich, 1945-1972

Frank Walker, Processing the Papers of Elizabeth and Raymond Robins

Guy Walton, New Light on Palace Architecture and Interior Design During Reign of Louis XIV in France, Italy, & Sweden, 1685-1715


Thomas Beidelman, Moral and Intellectual Ideas and Social Behavior: A Study of the Kaguru of Tanzania

Herbert Blau, Theatre History & Criticism, “Performance Theory: Problems in Contemporary Theater

Ross Brann, The Personal and Literary Ambivalence of the Andalusian Hebrew Poets toward Their Own Verse

Peter Brunette, Film History & Criticism, “Modern Critical Approaches to Film”

Dale Eickelman, Kings and People: Community, Authority and Legitimacy in an Arab Gulf State

Everett Frost, The Myths and Legends of Native Americans: A Radio Series

Everett Frost, Spider’s Web Mythology Project (Production: Radio Drama)

Bernard Garniez, French Institute for High School Teachers

Donald Hansen, An Early Dynastic City in Southern Sumer, Excavations at Lagash

Paul Horwich, The Direction of Time

David King, Medieval Arabic Texts on Folk Science

Gunther Kopcke, Taste in Aegean Art

Karen Newman, Theatre Art of the Medici: LA PELLAGRINA and its Intermezzi

Donald Posner, Madame de Pompadour as Patron of the Arts

Carl Prince, The Papers of William Livingston (Editorial Work for Volumes Four and Five)

Jeffrey Sammons, America in the Ring: A History of the Relationship Between Boxing and Society, Cira 1930-1980


Thomas Bishop, Avant-Garde Theater in Europe and the U.S.

Martin Chusid, The Operas of Verdi

Susan Elmes, An Historical Analysis of the Development and Impact of the American Securities Investing Corporation

Everett Frost, The Spider’s Web

Robert Jackson, Conceptions of Justice in Economic Conflicts

Jan LaRue, A Thematic Identifier Catalogue of 18th-Century Symphonies [TICS]

Robert Rosenblum, French Painting under Louis-Philippe, 1830-1848

Dorothy Swanson, Oral History of The American Left, 1920-1950

John Tchen, Immigration and Architectural History of N.Y. Chinatown

John Tchen, New York Chinatown History Project: “Old Chinatown and Its Residents”

Peter Wosh, North Jersey Catholic Institutional Records Survey


Charles Affron, Cinema and the Affective Response

Roger Bagnall, Challenge Grant

Anna Balakian, International Comparative Literature Association Triennial Congress

Mark Baltin, A Comparison of Two Theories of Grammatical Linking

Herbert Blau, Drama and Performance: Problems of Contemporary Theater

Stanley Boorman, Music in France at the Close of the Middle Ages

Jill Claster, Pilot Courses for New York University’s Liberal Education Program

Everett Frost, Mythology for Broadcast

Penelope Johnson, Women and Medieval Monasticism: The Abbey of Notre-Dame, Saintes

Louis Koenig, Presidential Power and Democratic Constraints

Robert Littman, Around the Square: 1830’s-1890’s

Wilson Martins, A Critica Literaria No Brasil (Literary Criticism in Brazil)

Robert McChesney, Translation of Siraj al-Tawarikh (Annals of Afghanistan, 1880-1897)

Macha Rosenthal, Theory Implicit in Poetic Practice, with Special Attention to Modern British and American Poetry

Robert Scally, Irish Society in the Age of Migration, 1815-1861

Dorothy Swanson, Arrangement and Description of New York City Union Collections

Kathleen Weil-Garris Brandt, Sculpture in Italy: 1500-1600

R. B. Winder, Middle Eastern Woman Today: Faces of Reality


Roger Bagnall, Selectric Typing Element for Coptic

Martin Chusid, The Operas of Verdi

Ernest Gilman, The Word and the Image in Renaissance Literature

Horst Janson, The Cultural Interdependence of East and West

Flora Kaplan, Images of Power: The Art of the Royal Benin Court

Jan LaRue, An Identifier Cataloque of the 18th-Century Symphony [TICS]

Robert Littman, Planning Grant for History of Television Commercials Exhibition

Michael Probst, Walt Whitman: Notebooks and Unpublished Prose Manuscripts, ed. Edward Grier (3 vols.)

Everett Rowson, al-cUtbi, Ta’rikh al-Yamini (Utbi’s History of Sultan Mahmud of Ghanza): Edition and Translation

Richard Schechner, Ritual and Theatre

John Tchen, New York Chinatown History Project

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Natalie Abrams, Philosophy and Medicine Program

Charles Affron, Seminar: “Cinema and the Affective Response”

Roger Bagnall, Sixteenth International Congress of Papyrology

Martin Chusid, International Congress of Verdi Studies

Kenan Erim, Aphrodisias: Study, Research and Publication Programme

Eliot Freidson, Seminar: “Professions: Masters of Servants”

Louis Koenig, Seminar: “Presidential Power & Democratic Constraints”

Aryeh Neier, New York Institute for the Humanities

Donald Posner, Seminar: “Art in the Time of Louis XV and Madame De Pompadour”

Carl Prince, Archival Management and Historical Editing Training Program

Nancy Regalado, Fellowship, French


Thomas Bishop, Avante-Garde Theatre in Europe and the United States

Richard Stanley, Publication of Variorum Edition of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass

Victor Yellin, Raynor Taylor’s The Ethiop


Anna Balakian, From Symbolism to Surrealism

Dean Bayly, Challenge Grant

Thomas Bishop, Avante-Garde Theater in Europe and the United States

Thomas Bishop, French Studies Program

Steve Brier, Utopian Communities in America Film Project


Martin Chusid, Microfilming Verdi Correspondence at Instituto Di Studi Verdiani, Parma