Our Team

Gabriela Basterra

Acting Director, 2018-2019

Professor Basterra works on the relationship between philosophy and literature at the Comparative Literature and Spanish Departments, and is also faculty of the Poetics & Theory Program. Her books Seductions of Fate: Tragic Subjectivity, Ethics, Politics (2004) and The Subject of Freedom: Kant, Levinas (2015) establish a conversation between ethical and poetic subjectivity, tragedy, and freedom. A former Director of Program at the Collège International de Philosophie (Paris), she was a Faculty Fellow at the Center for the Humanities, 2017-2018.

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Ulrich Baer

Director (on sabbatical 2018-2019)

Ulrich Baer is a professor of German and Comparative Literature, and is formally affiliated with the Department of English in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Photography and Imaging in the Tisch School of the Arts. His new podcast Think About It is available on iTunes and online at www.ulrichbaer.com.

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Molly Rogers

Associate Director


Molly Rogers has worked extensively as an academic and research administrator in both the US and the UK. She is also a writer and historian with interests in the history and theory of photography.

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Sierra Degale

Communications & Program Specialist


Sierra Degale, as Communications and Program Specialist, handles the marketing, promotion, and planning for the programs and events of the NYU Center for the Humanities.

Denelia Valentin

Administrative Aide


Denelia Valentin is the Administrative Aide at the NYU Center for the Humanities where she handles the Center’s vendor relationships, space management, and more.