War H-Lab

The War H-Lab explores the ways in which major human sciences—psychology, psychoanalysis, cybernetics, anthropology, etc.—were crucially transformed by the shifting conceptions and practices of warfare between 1910-1955. It will focus on WWI, interwar France, Germany and Britain, WWII, anti-colonial revolutions taking place during this period, and the beginning of the Cold War. The lab will engage recent historiographical and methodological innovations (the advent of a new international history, indigenous studies and Native American history, intellectual, legal and economic history), and disciplines that have been largely absent from historiographical or social-science-oriented approaches to war—including literature and aesthetics—and their attention to representation, memory, and trauma.

By re-framing the overall picture around a war/knowledge axis, the lab will ask: How did major human sciences transform as a result of their entanglement with concepts of war and conflict between 1910 and 1955? And: In what ways might attempts at a new periodization and a more comprehensive understanding of conceptions of war and its role in social and political transformation open up a new field of inquiry? 

In addition to exploring historically how war has been coupled with knowledge, the War H-Lab will take a rapid-response approach to current events, offering intellectual engagements far broader in scope than would be possible for any one individual to provide.

Lab Team

    • Stefanos Geroulanos, FAS, Professor of History
    • Elizabeth Ellis, FAS, Assistant Professor of History
    • Alys George, FAS, Assistant Professor of German
    • Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, FAS, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
    • Jonas Knatz, History, Ph.D., first year
    • Jeanne Etelain, French, Ph.D., fourth year
    • Alexander Langstaff, History, Ph.D., second year
    • Matyas Mervey, History, Europe & China, WWI, Ph.D., second year
    • Anne Schult, History, Ph.D., second year
    • Jennifer Trowbridge, Anthropology, Ph.D.