NYU DH Internship Project Showcase

Event Description:

This event showcases the work done by the Brine and Polonsky Digital Humanities Scholars in 2016. The projects represent a wide range of disciplines, and a vibrant diversity of topics (e.g. text encoding; visualization; mapping), on which the graduates have collaborated with faculty mentors over summer 2016. Cosponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Science.

Brine Digital Humanities Scholars* and Polonsky Digital Humanities Scholars**



Kris Minhae Choe: "Digital Aponte: Writing, Painting, and Making Freedom in the African Diaspora"
Regina Harsanyi: "Artist Archive Project: David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base and Website"
Lia Kramer: "documenting computer-based artworks in the collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum"


Irene Soto: "Mapping Coins: A Visualization of Economic Integration in 4th-Century Egypt"
Yanoa Pomalima Carrasco: "Inka Road System: history and voices of a living heritage"



Cherrie Kwok: "TEI and Literature: Encoding the 'Michael Field' diaries"
Jonathan Armoza: "The New Fascicles"


Josh Krutchen: "The Interface Experience: 40 Years of Personal Computing"
David Sugarman: "The Map Precedes the Territory"

* Funded through the generous support of the Jessica E. Smith and Kevin R. Brine Charitable Trust.
** Funded through the generous support of the Polonsky Foundation

Marion Thain
Associate Director of Digital Humanities, NYU

Deena Engel
Clinical Professor, Department of Computer Science, NYU

Tom Augst
Associate Professor, Department of English, NYU


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