The ‘Crisis’ Humanities, and the Digital Humanities? New Directions in the Humanities

Event Description:

We invite you to take part in a conversation about the future of the humanities. Where should we be headed, how are we responding to the ‘crisis’ in the humanities, and what is the role and significance of the digital humanities within these new trajectories?

Starting with brief presentations from some of those leading new initiatives in the humanities, the event will be devoted primarily to discussion with the audience: come and be part of the conversation.

Speakers to include:

Gigi Dopico
Dean of the Humanities in Arts and Science, NYU

David Hoover
Professor of English, NYU

Julie Mostov
Dean of Liberal Studies, NYU

Marion Thain
Director of Digital Humanities, NYU

David Wrisley
Associate Professor of Digital Humanities, NYU Abu Dhabi

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