Freud’s Trip to Orvieto

Event Description:

Italian Renaissance painting, almost more than anything else Freud experienced in his daily life, brought on some of his most intense personal reactions. This event will focus on Freud's letters and little-known reflections on art he saw in the early years of his life, more than his better-known psychoanalytic approach to the lives and work of Leonardo Da Vinci and others.

In particular, the discussants will evoke pictures by Titian, Botticelli, and Luca Signorelli, all of which deeply moved Freud, as well as his analysis of the Hans Holbein painting he saw in Dresden. They will also take a look at Meyer Shapiro’s views on Freud’s experience of, and writing about, art.

A discussion with:

Kent Minturn
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, NYU

Nicholas Fox Weber
Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Moderated by Pepe Karmel
Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art History, NYU

We will also be celebrating Nicholas Fox Weber's recent book, Freud’s Trip to Orvieto: The Great Doctor’s Unresolved Confrontation with Antisemitism, Death, and Homoeroticism; his Passion for Paintings; and the Writer in His Footsteps (Bellevue Literary Press, 2017).

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