For a Logic of Poetic Space: "The Off-Screen"

Event Description:

For a Logic of Poetic Space I: “The Off-Screen”

Please join us for a workshop on Eyal Peretz’s landmark book The Off-Screen: An Investigation of the Cinematic Frame.

From the Renaissance on, a new concept of the frame organizes a range of artistic media that are fascinated by it: the modern theatrical stage, framed paintings, the novel, the cinematic off-screen. The frame decontextualizes, cutting everything within it from the continuity of the world and creating a realm of fiction. But what is outside the frame, what is offstage, or off-screen, remains mysterious. It constitutes the primary enigma of the work of art in the modern age.

What is the nature of the cinematic frame and its implication with aesthetic, theological, political, and historical questions? What is the singularity of the art of film and its place within the arts of modernity? How does the off-screen animate the relationship between philosophy and film?

 A selection of The Off-Screen is available here.

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