Book Launch: Antiquities Beyond Humanism

Event Description:

Antiquities Beyond Humanism, ed. Emanuela Bianchi, Sara Brill, and Brooke Holmes (OUP), is a new collection that connects the ancient Greco-Roman tradition with the twenty-first century "posthuman turn" by exploring the myriad ways that ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and literature foreground the non-human. The editors, along with Alexander Galloway (NYU), Nickolas Pappas (CUNY), and Chiara Ricciardone (Bard College), will present and respond to the volume in its many aspects.

Emanuela Bianchi
Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, NYU
Sara Brill
Professor, Department of Philosophy, Fairfield University
Brooke A. Holmes
Robert F. Goheen Professor, Humanities and Professor, Department of Classics, Princeton
Alexander Galloway
Professor, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU
Nickolas Pappas
Professor, Department of Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center
Chiara Ricciardone
Klemens von Klemperer Hannah Arendt Center Teaching Fellow, Department of Human Rights, Bard College

Moderated by:
Emily Apter
Silver Professor, Departments of French and Comparative Literature, NYU

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