Border Talks | 25 February 2020

Event Description:

The Border Talks series seeks to frame conceptual approaches to borders and explore engagements with spaces of mobility/immobility, imaginaries of closure or opening, and acts of resistance. Join us on Tuesday, February 25th for the first installment of the series co-sponsored by Liberal Studies, New York Center for Global Asia, and the NYU Migration Network.

Julie Mostov (Liberal Studies) "Resisting the Challenge of Hard Borders"

Christian Martin (Center for European and Mediterranean Studies) "Structural Transformation of Democracy: Globalization and Conceptions of National Borders" 

David Ludden (History) "A History of Violence - Borders and South Asia"

Cristina Beltran (Social and Cultural Analysis)"Migrant Violence and the Dream of Frontier Freedom." 

Simón Ventura Trujillo (English) "The Borderlands and Insurgent  Horizons of Latinx Studies."


Border Talks is a series featuring two unique installments. For more information on the panelists and talks of the second installment click here.

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