Humanities Ambassadors host a Forum on the Future of the Humanities

On Friday, February 21st, the Humanities Ambassadors hosted a panel of three distinguished speakers for our kickoff event in a series of public gatherings that we will organize throughout the semester. The Forum on the Future of the Humanities, which took place at Kimmel Center, welcomed Dwai Banerjee, J.M. DeLeon, and Dania Hueckmann who spoke about their dissertation topics and how those projects have benefitted from their experiences with the humanities.

Dania Hueckmann discussed the interdisciplinary aspects of her work and her experiences with multiple departments and schools of thought until she reached the topic of revenge and its political, social, and cultural implications. Dwai Banerjee focused on how the humanities benefit doctors in making ethical decisions and assist them with understanding their patients, as well as help to explain things that don’t answer to biology or technology. J.M. DeLeon spoke of the necessity of self-indulgence as it relates to the arts and the value it brings to diversity of thought and multi-dimensional human experience. The forum then opened up to a lively Q&A session in which we discussed the challenges that we’ve all faced in our studies of the humanities and the ways that we can potentially navigate those obstacles in the future. We talked about the dynamic nature of the humanities especially in transcending academia, the value of interdisciplinary pursuits, as well as our visions for the transformation of the humanities in the future.

The Humanities Ambassadors thanks Dania, Dwai, and J.M. for joining us and for sharing such interesting and enlightening ideas. Please stay tuned for details about our next event which we will be hosting in mid-March.

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