Team-Teaching Stipends Application

Application Deadline: January 29, 2018

This form should be completed by a faculty member applicant.

This program aims to foster creative, dynamic, and innovative teaching across humanistic disciplines, in the interest of generating new courses and pedagogies. The Center will consider proposals from two faculty members with different areas of expertise in one department; preference is given to proposals which bring together colleagues and, importantly, students, from different departments, disciplines, and schools.

Existing courses may be used for the team-taught initiative, or new courses may be proposed, either to be cross-listed in different departments and/or schools. Funded courses will be offered in spring or fall of the following year. Courses must be open for credit to students in both faculty members’ units of appointment.

For more information on eligibility, program requirements, funding, and the selection process, please review the Team-Teaching Stipends webpage.

Application will be available September 2018.