Grants for Conferences

The Center for the Humanities has limited funding to assist conferences with a humanistic theme held at NYU in New York City or at a global location with up to $5,000. The conference should address topics of relevance to scholars in more than one discipline and include concrete steps to engage the larger public.

Please note that this program is on hiatus. 


We invite applications from faculty in full-time positions with continuing contracts at NYU. Awards may be made for up to $5,000 per conference depending on need. At least two faculty must apply jointly as co-organizers of the conference; faculty organizers must be appointed in at least two different NYU departments or schools. If you are uncertain whether you are eligible, please contact the Center directly.

Program Requirements

Recipients must submit a report, including a summary of expenditures, at the conclusion of the project.


Grants-in-Aid provide funding up to a maximum of $5,000 for conferences. Conferences must be free of charge and open to the public.

Funding is not available for a single visiting lecturer or for any activities or conferences that do not take place at NYU or an NYU global site. Grants-in-Aid cannot support faculty travel to conferences.

Application Instructions

All application components must be submitted electronically via the online application.

1. Applicant Information

Applicants will be asked to include personal information, including full title, department, and school.

2. Conference Information

Applicants will be asked to include the title and dates of the conference, amount requested, and a list of joint sponsors in addition to the items listed below.

Conference Description (Word Document or PDF)

Please include a clear statement, consisting of no more than 1000 words, describing the intellectual purpose and significance of the conference. Indicate where the conference will be held, the intended audience for the conference, and the proposed schedule of conference sessions. If the conference involves invited guest speakers, please include curricula vitae (no more than two pages) or biographical sketches of the speakers.

Conference Participation

The application will include space to respond to the following prompts:

Which NYU departments/schools, besides your own, do you expect to participate in the project?

Describe how the event will attract an interdisciplinary and/or inter-school audience.

Describe the extent of NYU faculty representation and participation.

Budget (Word Document, Excel, or PDF)

While the Committee recognizes that each project is unique and will consequently have its own specialized budget, it requests that all applicants include a detailed itemization of how funds will be spent. If appropriate, indicate other sources of funding for which you have applied and enclose confirming documentation. If other funds have already been committed or secured, please indicate sources and amounts.

3. Letter of Support

The applicant is required to gather a letter of support from their Department Chair and upload it into the application form. This brief signed letter should indicate support of this grant application. Application forms cannot be submitted without a letter present.

Selection Criteria & Review Process

Each proposal is reviewed by the NYU Center for the Humanities Grants-in-Aid Subcommittee and is evaluated in accordance with the applicant’s statement of its intellectual purpose and significance. Preference will be given to applications that reflect the participation of more than one department or school.

Questions? Please email