Maureen N. McLane on My Poets

September 11, 2012

Poet-critic Maureen N. McLane, Associate Professor of English (NYU), speaks on her latest work, My Poets (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012), which The New York Times calls “a delightful shock … a friendly book, inviting readers by its own example to let poems change them too.” Read the full review from The New York Times here and a recent NPR review here.

This event will feature respondents Catherine Robson, Associate Professor of English at NYU, and William Corbett, a poet and memoirist who teaches writing at MIT.

Part of the Great Books in the Humanities Series.

From official publisher page: “In this stunningly original book Maureen N. McLane channels the spirits and voices that make up the music in one poet’s mind. Weaving criticism and memoir, My Poets explores a life reading and a life read … In a poetical prose both probing and incantatory, McLane has written a radical book of experimental criticism. Susan Sontag called for an “erotics of interpretation”: this is it. Part Bildung, part dithyramb, part exegesis, My Poets extends an implicit invitation to you, dear reader, to consider who your “my poets,” or “my novelists,” or “my filmmakers,” or “my pop stars,” might be.”