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Digital Humanities Program

Digital Humanities at NYU is made up of a heterogeneous network of scholars, teachers, staff members, and students, spread throughout the departments, schools, and global sites and campuses that make up the university. Conceiving of the network as rhizomatic in configuration, we aim at recognizing and encouraging the free flow of energy and ideas that promotes innovative links and new intersections across traditional boundaries. The Center for the Humanities aims to help promote, support, and connect work across the network through its grants and through interdisciplinary events. Visit digitalhumanities.nyu.edu for more information about projects, people, and opportunities in digital humanities.

A note on terminology:

The field of scholarship currently known as the ‘Digital Humanities’ evades strict definition — as whatisdigitalhumanities.com wittily demonstrates. Often said to be research and teaching at the intersection of computing and the humanities, it is an area of study defined neither by the digital (which has a long history prior to computing) nor by the humanities (encompassing, as it does, scholarship in fields that exist beyond institutionally-defined ‘humanities’ departments).

Yet the term is serving as a focus for an exciting and rapidly growing body of scholarship that is broadly concerned with connections between computing and the questions, objects and/or methodologies associated with the humanities and/or humanistic inquiry. By using this term we aim to connect innovative work at NYU with a broader conversation.

Digital Humanities Seed Grants

NYU Research Technology has identified digital humanities as one of the University’s future areas of excellence. Provided in partnership with the Center for the Humanities and NYU Libraries, this is the third year of a multi-year granting program to identify and fund projects that can benefit the university community by creatively bridging humanistic scholarship with new forms of computation, digital publishing, and digitization. Digital humanities scholarship takes a variety of forms, from algorithmic analysis to public scholarship; there are no restrictions in form or subject area that can be funded under this program. Additional resources may be made available for those proposing computationally intensive work utilizing NYU’s high performance computing cluster and similar Research Technology resources. We especially welcome projects that give voice or expression to underrepresented communities; that engage with the urban fabric of the cities in which NYU has campuses; and that contribute to the emerging subfield of Global Digital Humanities.

The Center for the Humanities is delighted to announce the recipients of the first two rounds of Digital Humanities Seed Grant funding. These grants support the development of new research projects that analyze digital sources, apply algorithmic methods to humanities data, or create digital publications, exhibits, or websites. The Digital Humanities Seed Grant program, made possible by the Research Technology Faculty Advisory Board, builds upon NYU’s institutional capacity in Digital Humanities work.

Digital Humanities Seed Grant Projects

Call for Proposals 2022

The Center for the Humanities, in partnership with the NYU Libraries and NYU Research Technology invites applications for a third series of Digital Humanities Seed Grants. These grants are intended to fund the initial development of new research projects that will analyze digital sources, apply algorithmic methods to humanities data, or create digital publications, exhibits, or websites. The goal of the program is to seed projects that may go on to receive greater funding from other sources or otherwise build NYU’s institutional capacity in Digital Humanities work. 

Deadline: March 6, 2022 (12:59 pm EST).

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