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- Friday Apr 29 - 11:55pm

"Somewhere in between the inputs and the outputs is where the magic lies." -Moacir P. de Sá Pereira, Dept of English
- Friday Apr 29 - 2:17pm

RT @ephemeralmedia: Representing @CinemaStudies @nyu_dh #digitalhumanities Project Showcase, on teaching experiments
- Friday Apr 29 - 1:15pm

"We wanted students & scholars to be able to write intuitively & for it to be displayed beautifully." -Alexei Taylor
- Friday Apr 29 - 12:21pm

"It's important that we expand our ways of approaching Cinema Studies and Digital Humanities" -Marina Hassapopoulou
- Friday Apr 29 - 11:57am

"Students are learning not just what a CMS is, but also how it relates to what is on the screen." -Kimon Keramidas
- Friday Apr 29 - 11:56am


Why Prison Education? Why Now?

St Marks Is Dead by Ada Calhoun

The Work of Art in the World with Doris Sommer

Digitization: What is Lost and What is Found?

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