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Digital Humanities

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital Humanities is research and teaching in which computation and culture intersect. This includes theories and histories of digital media, critical software development, digital mapping,  archives and exhibits, text analysis, and critical AI studies.

The digital condition is rapidly changing. Generative AI is only the most recent example of a major shift in culture that DH is uniquely positioned to study. NYU’s DH program offers interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration around such emergent themes and problems, innovative pedagogy, and grants to promote the study of AI systems and the use of digital techniques to gain insight into our global cultural past and present, and more. We offer platforms for exploring the ongoing synthesis of digital technologies and cultural production, the history of computational techniques, and innovative applications of digital tools to humanities research.

Some of the many highlights of DH at NYU include:

Across all these endeavors, Digital Humanities at NYU is a vibrant community of scholars working at the cutting edge of digital culture.

Visit digitalhumanities.nyu.edu for more information about projects, people, and opportunities in Digital Humanities at NYU.