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Humanities Curricula in the Professional Schools

Among the Center’s strategic priorities for the next three years is support for the development of humanities curricula in the professional schools across the university. This work builds upon the “Humanities in the Professions” project spearheaded by faculty at Steinhardt and FAS, which has explored the question,

“What is the place of the humanities in a professional education?”

The goal of this inquiry is to encourage students and faculty in the professional schools to undertake humanities scholarship within their current fields, examining their current methods of knowledge production and knowledge translation, and collaborate with other experts to build their teaching capacity and creatively engage with new methodologies.

In the coming years, we will deepen and expand our support for this program by:

  • Creating a network of faculty in NYU’s professional schools who are teaching in the humanities. We will organize a combination of face-to-face convocations (if permitted) and online meetings, large gatherings and smaller working parties to build community among colleagues and foster innovation.
  • Hosting events such as “Introduction to a Hope: Fostering the Humanities in a Professional School,” held October 2019, during which five faculty from Steinhardt and FAS shared their insights and experience.
  • Creating podcasts and other accessible online content featuring the humanistic work of faculty in NYU’s professional schools.
  • Issue an annual report on the state of the humanities in NYU’s professional schools, making visible the diverse work undertaken across the university.

Please check back with us for updated information on this program.