The NYU Center for the Humanities draws on the diverse talents and interests of NYU’s faculty and students while taking advantage of the university’s location in New York City. The Center is committed to bringing NYU’s humanists together as well as to exploring the role of the humanities in the larger university and global community.

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Upcoming Events


Bright Signals: A History of Color Televison

Join us for the launch event of Susan Murray’s new book discussing the development and history of color television.

Remote Care: From the "Electronic Patient" to Self-Tracking

How has media and technology shifted the development of care? Panelists explore how kinds of communications relate to changes in the practice of care. 

Environmental Art: Re-Imagining Art, Science, and the Humanities

By presenting a series of collaborative experiments, the conversation will focus on the creative and critical lenses through which climate change becomes sensible to new publics.


"Little Man, Little Man" is back again

Event Recap of James Baldwin’s Story of Childhood: A Symposium, 9/11/18

Course Spotlight | #BlackLanguageMatters

A highlight on the Fall 2017 course #BlackLanguageMatters, taught by Professor Renée Blake.

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