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Faculty Fellowships

ELIGIBILITY: All full-time faculty on continuing contracts at NYU in the humanities and art disciplines are eligible to apply. Applicants may not have had an NYU-supported leave in the year preceding the Fellowship year. More than one applicant from the same department may apply. Prospective fellows should be at a stage in their research and writing that will permit them to be in residence at NYU for the totality of the Fellowship year. Note: Faculty members who have been Faculty Fellows in previous years may apply again after eight years. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact the Center directly.

APPLICATIONS REQUIREMENTS: There are two main requirements expected of faculty participating in this program:

Course Release
Faculty members must consult with their department chair regarding their intent to apply, and agree on a reasonable course load for the Fellowship year that will minimize the impact on undergraduate teaching. Chairs should write a brief letter in support of the applicant and indicate the department’s willingness to free the Fellow from specified teaching assignments and administrative responsibilities. Fellows in consultation with their chair may choose to reduce their teaching load by one course each semester or by two courses in either the fall or spring semester.

Weekly Meetings
The weekly luncheon seminar is mandatory for all faculty participants. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss projects and emerging humanities trends.

The teaching schedule of Faculty Fellows should be adjusted by two courses to permit intensive focus on their research. Fellows’ remaining course schedule will be arranged by their departments, and must include one undergraduate course. Fellows will receive their regular salary and benefits through their school. The Center contributes up to a total of $15,000 toward the teaching replacement costs as necessary, pending budget approval. Funds can be used only to cover replacement teaching in the Fellow’s department during the year of the fellowship.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: All application components must be submitted electronically via the online application.

1. Applicant Information
Applicants will be asked to include personal information, including full title, department, contact information, and year of last sabbatical.

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae (Word Document or PDF)
In no more than five pages, please indicate education and positions held, publications and major presentations, honors and awards.

2. Research Experience & Project
Applicants will be asked to include the title of the proposed project in addition to the documents listed below.

Project Description (Word Document or PDF)
In no more than two pages the applicant should describe the research project to be undertaken during the fellowship year, goals to be accomplished, the project’s significance within the field, and its capacity to bridge disciplinary boundaries.

Published Work (Word Document or PDF)
Please submit one sample of a published work such as an article, book chapter, or significant conference paper (sample not to exceed 50 pages). The submission of books, very long articles, or entire dissertations is discouraged.

3. Letters of Support
Each applicant must provide two letters of support: one from the department chair (or dean, if in Gallatin), and one from a referee external to NYU.

Please note that both letters are due the same day as the application deadline. Please communicate with your referees to be sure that a) they received the invitation to submit a reference, and b) they have submitted their reference in a timely manner. 

Department Chair (Word Document or PDF)
This letter should indicate the department’s willingness to free the Fellow from teaching assignments and administrative responsibilities. It should specify the proposed course release and resulting course assignment and describe how the department will address the impact, if any, on the department’s undergraduate program. Applicants from the Gallatin School can submit a letter from the dean.

External Referee (Word Document or PDF)
Applicants should obtain one letter of reference from outside NYU from a senior colleague in a relevant field. Referees should be asked to comment on the potential of the project to have a significant impact on the field, the capacity of the project and the applicant to engage scholars in other disciplines, and the standing of the scholar in his or her field. References should not be requested from current or previous collaborators, dissertation advisors, personal friends, or mentors.

SELECTION CRITERIA AND REVIEW PROCESS: Successful proposals will clearly define a research problem that can be investigated in a one-year project period; will provide a self-contained account of what will be done, how and why; and will demonstrate the likelihood of a significant contribution to the field. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding scholarly promise and ability to successfully undertake the project. In selecting a cohort of Fellows, the Selection Committee will be particularly interested in identifying scholars who represent a diversity of fields and methodological perspectives, and who have demonstrated the ability to engage with other scholars in interdisciplinary conversations. The creative work of applicants in the arts disciplines must involve substantial historical or humanistic research.

Fellows will be selected by the NYU Center for the Humanities Fellowship Selection Committee, composed of senior faculty appointed by the Provost, based on review of the proposal, the C.V., and an external reference.

MORE INFORMATION: Questions regarding applications should be addressed to info@nyuhumanities.org.

Opportunity Deadline:November 24, 2021 11:59pm