Recent Events

Digital Theory Lab presents: Surplus Data

The Digital Theory Lab presents the new issue of Critical Inquiry, “Surplus Data"Surplus Data co-edited by Lab members Jeffrey Kirkwood and Leif Weatherby with Orit Halpern and Patrick Jagoda. Lab members David Bering-Porter, Matthew Handelman and Brian Justie will also present their articles, alongside contributors Alexander Galloway, Luciana Parisi, and Sarah Pourciau


The Trials of Orpheus: Book Launch & Discussion

Mann's The Trials of Orpheus, investigates how 16th century writers draw on the Orpheus myth to conceptualize the occult power of eloquenceIn ancient Greek mythology, the lyrical songs of Orpheus charmed the gods, and compelled animals, rocks, and trees to obey his commands. This mythic power inspired Renaissance philosophers --they wanted to know: How do words produce action? Join Jenny Mann as she sheds light on the power of eloquence, its effects on English art and science, and her forthcoming release The Trials of Orpheus: Poetry, Science, and the Early Modern Sublime alongside an esteemed panel of scholars. Featuring Jenny C.…


God, Sex, and Politics in the Work of Leonard Cohen

Author Marcia Pally and Psychologist Carol Gilligan discuss the legacy of singer-songwriter Leonard CohenOn the fifth anniversary of the death of the iconic Leonard Cohen, author of “Hallelujah” and many other works, Marcia Pally’s new study explores Cohen’s thoughtscape through 60 years of song, poetry, and novels. Cohen understood humanity as a relational being, indeed as covenantal, and despaired at our breaches of the relationships we need in both our personal and political lives. Psychologist Carol Gilligan’s work over half a century has explored our relationship to relationship, our iterations of need and withdrawal--and its personal and political consequences. Gilligan…