2015 Faculty-Authored Publications

Acquista, Angelo

The Mediterranean Family Table: 125 Simple, Everyday Recipes Made With the Most Delicious and Healthiest Food on Earth (William Morrow Cookbooks)

Allen, Elizabeth L

Voice Rehabilitation Testing Hypotheses and Reframing Therapy (Jones & Bartlett Learning)

Almeida, Rochelle

Global Secularisms in a Post-Secular Age (Wilhem De Gruyter)

Curtain Call: Anglo-Indian Reflections (CTR Publications)

Anker, Peder

Global Design: Elsewhere Envisioned (Prestel)
Antoon, Sinan

Fragmentos De Bagdad (Turner)

Appadurai, Arjun

Banking On Words: The Failure of Language in the Age of Derivative Finance (University of Chicago Press)

Appiah, Anthony

A Decent Respect: Honour in the Life of People and Of Nations (Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong)

Apter, Emily

Zones De Traduction: Pour une nouvelle litterature compare (Fayard)

Basterra, Gabriela

The Subject of Freedom: Kant, Levinas (Fordham University Press)

Becker, Adam H.

Revival and Awakening American Evangelical Missionaries in Iran and the Origins of Assyrian Nationalism (University of Chicago Press)

Ben-Ghiat, Ruth

Italian Fascism’s Empire Cinema (Indiana University Press)

Italian Mobilities (Routledge)

Bender, Abby

Israelites in Erin: Exodus, Revolution, and the Irish Revival (Syracuse University Press)

Bishop, Jacqueline

The Gymnast and Other Positions (Peepal Tree Press)

Blaser, Martin J.

Missing Microbes How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues (Picador)

Boyd, Danah

Participatory Culture in a Networked Era: A Conversation on Youth, Learning, Commerce, and Politics (Polity)

Brunton, Finn

Spam a Shadow History of the Internet (MIT Press)

Obfuscation A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest (MIT Press)

Burak, Guy

The Second Formation of Islamic Law: The Hanafi School of Law in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (Cambridge University Press)

Cadava, Eduardo

When I Was a Photographer (MIT Press)

Callegari, Danielle

In Dante’s Wake: Reading From Medieval To Modern in the Augustinian Tradition (Fordham University Press)

Cave, Peter

Big Think Book: Discover Philosophy through 99 Perplexing Problems (Oneworld Publications)

Ethics A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld Publications)

Champagne, Lenora

New World Plays (NoPassport Press)

Chejfec, Sergio

Ulttimas Noticias De La Escritura (Jekyll and Jill)

Christgau, Robert

Going Into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man (Dey Street Books)

Church, Joseph

Music Direction for the Stage: A View from the Podium (Oxford University Press)

Cohen, Jean-Louis

France: Modern Architectures in History (University of Chicago Press- Distributed for Reaktion)

Cole, Daniel James

History of Modern Fashion (Laurence King Publishing)

Conley, Dalton

Parentology: Everything You Wanted To Know About the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted To Ask (Simon & Schuster)

Cornyetz, Nina

Traveling Texts and the Work of Afro-Japanese Cultural Exchange: Two Haiku and a Microphone (Lexington Books)

Cox, Virginia

A Short History of the Italian Renaissance (Tauris Press)

Danon, Ruth

Limitless Tiny Boat (Blazevox)

Daughtry, J Martin

Listening To War Sound, Music, Trauma, and Survival in Wartime Iraq (Oxford University Press)

Deihl, Nancy

History of Modern Fashion (Laurence King Publishing)

Deneys-Tunney, Anne

Les Discours Du Corps Au Xviii Siecle, Litterature, Philosophie, Histoire, Science (Hermann)

Diner, Hasia

Roads Taken: The Great Jewish Migration to the New World and the Peddles Who Forged the Way (Yale University Press)

Diyanni, Robert

Critical and Creative Thinking a Brief Guide for Teachers (Wiley-Blackwell)

Easterly, William

Tyranny of Experts Economists Dictators and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor (Basic Books)

Equi, Elaine

Sentences and Rain (Coffee House Press)

Eustace, Nicole

1812: War and the Passions of Patriotism (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Fagin, Dan

Toms River A Story Of Science and Salvation (Island Press)

Falkenburg, Reindert

Bosch, le jardin des délices (Hazan)

Feldman, Allen

Archives of the Insensible: Of War, Photpolitics and Dead Memory (University of Chicago Press)

Fernandez, James Daniel

Invisible Immigrants: Spaniards in the Us (1868-1945) (White Stone Ridge)

Finley, Karen

Shock Treatment Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition (City Lights Books)

Francia, Luis

Re: Recollections, Reviews, Reflections (University of the Philippines Press)

Freccero, John

In Dante’s Wake: Reading From Medieval To Modern in the Augustinian Tradition (Fordham University Press)

Ganeri, Jonardon

The Self: Naturalism, Consciousness, and the First-Person Stance (Oxford University Press)

Geppert, Alexander C.T.

Obsession Der Gegenwart: Zeit Im 20. Jahrhundert (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht)

Goldsmith, Leo

Keywords in Subversive Film/ Media Aesthetics (Wiley-Blackwell)

Gordon, Irene Linda

Feminism Unfinished: A Short Surprising History of American Women’s Movements

(W.W Norton & Company)

Gould- Wartofsky, Michael A

The Occupiers: The Making of The 99 Percent Movement (Cambridge University Press)

Grandin, Greg

Kissinger’s Shadow the Long Reach of America’s Most Controversial Statesman

(Metropolitan Books)

Grant, Lee

I Said Yes To Everything: A Memoir (Plume)

Gross, Stephen

Export Empire: German Soft Power in Southeastern Europe, 1890-1945

(Cambridge University Press)

Guttman, Dan

How Eu Environmental Ngos Make Law Work: A Handbook for Chinese Environmental NGOs (Chinese and English) (China Environment Press)

Harper, Phillip Brian

Abstractionist Aesthetics: Artistic Form and Social Critique in African American Culture (New York University Press)

Harpman, Louise

Global Design: Elsewhere Envisioned (Prestel)

Hay, Jonathan

Sensuous Surfaces: The Decorative Object in Early Modern China (University of Chicago Press)

Hodes, Martha

Mourning Lincoln (Yale University Press)

Holnes, Darrel Alejandro

Happiness: The Delight-Tree, an Anthology of Contemporary International Poetry (United Nations SRC Society of Writers)

Holt, Justin

The Social Thought of Karl Marx (Sage Publications)

Homans, Jennifer

When the Facts Change: Essays 1993-2010 (Penguin Press)

Hudson, Dale

Thinking Through Digital Media (Palgrave Macmillan)

Isleem, Nasser

Hakini Arabi. Palestinian and Jordanian Colloquial Arabic for Beginners (CreateSpace)

Kalima Wa Nagham (University of Texas Press)

Ramsah (Kuttab Publishing House)

Issacharoff, Samuel

Fragile Democracies: Contested Power in the Era of Constitutional Courts (Cambridge University Press)

Jackson, Myles

The Genealogy of a Gene: Patent, Hiv/Aids, and Race (MIT Press)

Jacob, Mira

Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing: A Novel (Random House Trade Paperbacks)

Jacobs, James B.

Eternal Criminal Record (Harvard University Press)

Jacquet, Jennifer

Is Shame Necessary? New Uses for An Old Tool (Pantheon)

James, Ian

A Gun Is Not Fun (Electric Black Kidz Experience Publication)

Jamieson, Dale

Love in the Anthropocene (OR Books)

Jenkinson, Mark

Careers in Photography: Finding Your True Path (Focal Press)

Joachim, Mitchell

Global Design: Elsewhere Envisioned (Prestel)

Judt, Tony

When the Facts Change: Essays 1993-2010 (Penguin Press)

Kapchan, Deborah

Cultural Heritage in Transit: Intangible Rights as Human Rights (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Katz, Pamela

The Partnership: Brecht, Weill, Three Women and Germany on the Brink (Nan A. Talese)

Keramidas, Kimon

The Interface Experience: A User’s Guide (Bard Graduate Center)

Khan, Aisha

Islam and the Americas (University Press of Florida)

King, Elisabeth

From Classrooms to Conflict in Rwanda (Cambridge University Press)

Klinenberg, Eric

Heat Wave a Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago (University of Chicago Press)

Modern Romance: An Investigation (Penguin Group)

Kling, Irene F

Voice Rehabilitation Testing Hypotheses and Reframing Therapy (Jones & Bartlett Learning)

Komunyakaa, Yusef

The Emperor of Water Clocks: Poems (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Konstan, David

Beauty: The Fortunes of an Ancient Greek Idea (Oxford University Press)

Korb, Scott

Light without Fire: The Making of America’s First Muslim College (Beacon Press)

Kornetis, Konstantinos

Children of the Dictatorship (Berghahn Books)

Kunhardt, Philip

The Photographs of Abraham Lincoln (Steidl)

Landau, Deborah

The Uses of the Body (Copper Canyon Press)

Lehrer, Steven

Thinking Outside: The Box Innovation in Policy Ideas (McGill-Queen’s University Press)

Lennox, Patricia

Shakespeare and Costume (Bloomsbury, The Arden Shakespeare Series)

Lepecki, Andre

Actions. (Tamanduá Arte / with support of Itaú Cultural Rumos and Brazil’s Ministry of Culture)

Lerner, Barron H.

Good Doctor: A Father, a Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics (Beacon Press)

Levy, Emanuel

Gay Directors, Gay Films? (Columbia University Press)

Lewis, Richard W.

Pot Luck: Why Marijuana Is Today’s Medicine (CreateSpace)

Magi, Jill

Labor Poetic Labor! 2: Into the Archive (Essay Press)

Project 1: Labor Poetic Labor! (Essay Press)

Marincola, Michele D.

Polychrome Sculpture: Meaning, Form, Conservation (Getty Publications)

Martin, Carol

Theatre of the Real (Palgrave Macmillan)

Martin, Emily

Meaning of Money in China and the United States: The 1986 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures (University of Chicago Press)

Maudlin, Tim

Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time (Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy) (Princeton University Press)

Mccarthy, Lauren

Getting Started With P5.Js: Making Interactive Graphics in JavaScript and Processing (O’Reilly)

McHugh, Shannon

Writings on the Sisters of San Luca and Their Miraculous Madonna (Toronto Press)

McLane, Maureen N.

This Blue: Poems (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

Mehta, Linn Cary

Poetry and Politics of Decolonization (Lambert Academic Publishing)

Mirabella, Bella

Shakespeare and Costume (Bloomsbury)

Mitsis, Phillip

L’éthique D’epicure: Les Plaisirs De L’invulnérabilité (Classiques Garnier)

Moody, Rick

Hotels of North America (Little, Brown And Company)

Murphy, Erin E.

Inside The Cell: The Dark Side of Forensic DNA (Nation Books)

Nestle, Marion

Soda Politics: Taking On Big Soda and Winning (Oxford University Press)

Newkirk, Pamela

Spectacle: The Life of Ota Benga (Amistad)

Nissenbaum, Helen F

Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest (MIT Press)

Nochlin, Linda

Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader (Thames & Hudson)

Noel, Urayoaan

Buzzing Hemisphere Rumor Hemisferico (University of Arizona Press)

Novak, Lorie

Dancing With the Zapatistas: Twenty Years Later (Duke University Press and Hemi Press)

Noveck, Beth Simone

Smart Citizens, Smarter State: The Technologies of Expertise and the Future of Governing (Harvard University Press)

Parikh, Crystal

Cambridge Companion to Asian American Literature (Cambridge University Press)

Patell, Cyrus

Cosmopolitanism and the Literary Imagination (Palgrave Macmillan)

Pauer-Studer, Herlin

Konrad Morgen: The Conscience of a Nazi Judge (Palgrave Macmillan)

Phillips, Brent

Charles Walters: The Director Who Made Hollywood Dance (University of Kentucky Press)

Pomerantz, Maurice A

The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning: Studies in Honor of Wadad Kadi (Brill)

Porton , Richard

Keywords in Subversive Film/ Media Aesthetics (Wiley-Blackwell)

Ralph, Michael

Forensics of Capital (University of Chicago Press)

Ratzan, David

Law and Transaction Costs in the Ancient Economy (University of Michigan Press)

Rea, Peter W.

Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video (Focal Press)

Rectenwald, Michael

Academic Writing, Real World Topics (Broadview Press)

Global Secularisms in a Post-Secular Age (Walter De Gruyter)

Regan, J. Ward

Great Books Written In Prison: Essays on Classic Works from Plato to Martin Luther King Jr. (McFarland)

Richards, David A. J

Why Love Leads To Justice: Love across the Boundaries (Cambridge University Press)

Ritchin, Ferd

Meinrad Schade – War Without War Photographs of the Former Soviet Union (University of Chicago Press)

Rogers, Susan Carol

Transatlantic Parallaxes: Toward Reciprocal Anthropology (Berghahn Books)

Roiphe, Anne

Ballad of the Black and Blue Mind: A Novel (Seven Stories Press)

Ross, Kristin

Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune (Verso)

L’imaginaire De La Commune (Editions La Fabrique)

Ross, Andrew

The Gulf: High Culture/Hard Labor (OR Books)

Rubin, Barnett R.

Afghanistan: From the Cold War through the War on Terror (Oxford University Press)

Russ-Fishbane, Elisha

Judaism, Sufism, and the Pietists of Medieval Egypt: A Study of Abraham Maimonides and His Times (Oxford University Press)

Sacks, Oliver

On The Move A Life (Knopf)

Sammons, Jeffrey T.

Harlem’s Rattlers and the Great War the Undaunted 369th Regiment and the African American Quest for Equality (University Press of Kansas)

Sartori, Andrew

Global Intellectual History (Columbia University Press)

Schechner, Richard

Performed Imaginaries (Routledge)

Scheen, Lena

Shanghai Literary Imaginings: A City in Transformation (Amsterdam University Press)

Schwarz Jr, Frederick A. O.

Democracy in the Dark: The Epidemic of Government Secrecy (The New Press)

Seife, Charles

Virtual Unreality: The New Era of Digital Deception (Penguin Books)

Seigel, Jerrold

Between Cultures: Europe and Its Others in Five Exemplary Lives (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Shirky, Clay

Little Rice Smartphones, Xiaomi, and the Chinese Dream (Columbia Global Reports)

Shohat, Ella

Le Vittime Ebree Del Sionism (Ediziono Q)

Shulman, George

Radical Future Pasts (The University Press of Kentucky)

Sieburth, Richard

Songs from a Single Eye, Poems of Oswald Von Wolkenstein Medus (Meran)

Stam, Robert

Keywords in Subversive Film Media Aesthetics (Wiley-Blackwell)

Stanley, Matthew

Huxley’s Church and Maxwell’s Demon: From Theistic Science to Naturalistic Science (University of Chicago Press)

Starosielski, Nicole

The Undersea Network (Duke University Press)

Signal Traffic: Critical Studies Of Media Infrastructures (University of Illinois Press)

Starr, G. Gabrielle

Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience (MIT Press)

Stevenson, Bryan A.

Civil Rights and the Promise of Equality (D. Giles Limited)

Just Mercy A Story of Justice and Redemption (Spiegel & Grau)

Stewart, Celia

Voice Rehabilitation Testing Hypotheses and Reframing Therapy (Jones & Bartlett Learning)

Steuernagel, Marcos

Performance Studies? (Duke University Press and Hemi Press)

Swados, Elizabeth

My Depression: A Picture Book (Hyperion)

Swain, Melissa

In Dante’s Wake: Reading From Medieval To Modern in the Augustinian Tradition (Fordham University Press)

Tabak, Mehmet

Plato’s Parmenides Reconsidered (Palgrave Macmillan)

Taylor, Diane

Dancing With the Zapatistas: Twenty Years Later (Duke University Press and Hemi Press)

Performance Studies? (Duke University Press and Hemi Press)

Theodoratou, Liana

When I Was a Photographer (MIT Press)

Thomas, Thelma K.

Designing Identity: The Power of Textiles in Late Antiquity (The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at NYU and Princeton University Press)

Tomlinson, Tim

Yolanda: An Oral History in Verse (Finishing Line Press)

Trojanow, Ilija

Macht & Widerstand: Roman (S. Fischer; Auflage: 2)

Durch Welt Und Wiese: Oder Reisen Zu Fuß (Die Andere Bibliothek; Auflage: 1)

Tylus, Jane

Siena City of Secrets (University of Chicago Press)

Early Modern Cultures of Translation (University of Pennsylvania Press)

Velasco, Alejandro

Barrio Rising: Urban Popular Politics and the Making of Modern Venezuela (University of California Press)

Velleman, J. David

Konrad Morgen: The Conscience of a Nazi Judge (Palgrave Macmillan)

Waldman, Michael

Second Amendment a Biography (Simon & Schuster)

Waldron, Jeremy

Dignity Rank and Rights (The Berkeley Tanner Lectures) (Oxford University Press)

Weinstein, Barbara

The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the Making of Race and Nation in Brazil

(Duke University Press)

Weiss, Mitch

Business of Broadway: An Insider’s Guide to Working Producing and Investing In the World’s Greatest Theatre Community (Allworth Press)

Willis, Deborah

Question Bridge: Black Males in America (Aperture/Campaign for Black Male Achievement)

Through The African American Lens (Giles)

Wood, Maryrose

The Unmapped Sea: Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place Series (HarperCollins Publishers and Blackstone Audio)

Young, Robert

Empire, Colony, Postcolony (Blackwell)

Zemborain, Lila

Llum Cinabr: Calma Tectonic: Una Certa Correspondencia (Tanit)

Zhang, Zhen

Dv-Made China: Digital Subjects and Social Transformations after Independent Film (University of Hawaii Press)

Zimmerman, Jonathan

Too Hot To Handle: A Global History of Sex Education (Princeton University Press)

Ziter, Edward

Political Performance in Syria: From the Six-Day War to the Syrian Uprising (Palgrave Macmillan)

Zito, Angela

Dv-Made China: Digital Subjects and Social Transformations after Independent Film (University of Hawaii Press)