© photo by Jeff Day

Annie Garlid

Doctoral Student Fellow

Ph.D. Candidate, Music


Annie Garlid is a musician and PhD candidate at New York University, where she researches representations of nature, materiality, and place in recent experimental music. As a viola player and singer, she specializes in both historical performance practice and contemporary music. She appeared on Holly Herndon’s 2019 album PROTO and Caterina Barbieri’s 2019 album Ecstatic Computation. She has collaborated and performed with a number of other composers and artists, including Rosemarie Trockel, Bill Kouligas, Emptyset, Nile Koetting, Cat Lamb, Marc Sabat, and Laure M. Hiendl. She plays and sings with the Cramer Quartet, Trinity Baroque Orchestra, Seraphic Fire, Early Music New York, De Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, the Netherlands Bach Society, the Handel & Haydn Society, and Tafelmusik. She has been recording and touring as UCC Harlo since 2017.