© photo by Jeff Day

Claudia Smithie

Undergraduate Humanities Fellow

Claudia Smithie is a double major in Environmental Studies and Art History, with a minor in Italian. Her academic journey began to take shape during high school when she embarked on a year-long study abroad program in Rome, where she became fluent in Italian. During her time in Rome, she gained hands-on experience with art, from exploring hidden Caravaggios tucked away in Baroque churches to admiring ancient archaeological monuments scattered throughout the city.

Smithie is particularly intrigued by the interdisciplinary possibilities at the intersection of art history and climate change. Her passion for environmental issues is undeniable, and she is currently preparing her honors thesis, which will delve into the impact of flooding on Venice’s historical monuments and art while exploring potential solutions. An avid traveler, she plans to incorporate on-site research into her work, with a goal to visit Venice, engage with experts, and converse with the city’s residents who are dedicated to its preservation.

With great enthusiasm, she looks forward to meeting and learning from their peers and mentors as they eagerly anticipate the year ahead.