© photo by Jeff Day

Hannah Gurman

Faculty Fellow

Clinical Associate Professor


Hannah Gurman’s interests lie in American Studies, U.S. history, intellectual history, literature, and literary criticism, with a focus on American politics and political culture. Her past research and teaching have centered around the politics and culture of U.S. foreign relations, national security, and empire. Her most recent publication is Whistleblowing Nation: The History of National Security Disclosures and the Cult of State Secrecy (co-edited with Kaeten Mistry, Columbia University Press, 2020), which was part of a collaborative research project funded by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council. She is also the author of The Dissent Papers: The Voices of Diplomats in the Cold War and Beyond (Columbia University Press, 2012) and editor of Hearts and Minds: A People’s History of Counterinsurgency (The New Press, 2013). While still teaching and writing on these subjects, she is also embarking on new projects that focus more on the history and legacy of ideological and social realignments in American politics, with a particular interest in intellectual and cultural shifts around capitalism, race, and gender over the last century. She is currently starting a project, tentatively entitled Capitalism and the Culture Wars, that explores the long but largely overlooked history of “economic” ideas in America’s culture wars.