© photo by Jeff Day

Meghan Watters

Undergraduate Humanities Fellow

Meghan is an art history major with a history minor, currently in her senior year. Her primary interest lies in ancient art and its collecting history, a passion ignited during her second year when she took an Ancient Art survey class. Since then, Meghan has delved deeper into this subject by enrolling in classes that explore the collecting history of ancient art in both public and private spheres. She has also participated in an advanced seminar focusing on discerning provenance. Her honors undergraduate thesis will be centered around how ancient art is represented in Renaissance portraiture, highlighting its significance during that era.

Meghan’s curiosity extends to understanding how ancient art and culture have remained relevant from their creation to the present day, whether within museums or private collections. She also contemplates the unfortunate realities of looting and trafficking that these works of art and history often face. Meghan is thrilled to be a part of the Humanities Fellow program and is looking forward to meeting her fellow Fellows!