Grants-in-Aid Recipients


The Translation Zone (Publication)
Emily Apter (French)

Dante and Heterodoxy
Maria Luisa Ardizzoni (Italian Studies)

Music: Parts and Labor
Michael Beckerman (Music)
Jessica Schwartz (Music)
Benjamin Tausig (Music)
Siv Lie (Music)
Anna Reidy (Music)

AUTOFICTION: Literature in France Today
Tom Bishop (French, Comparative Literature)

The Affect Factory
Barbara Browning (Performance Studies)

The Port Huron Statement @50
Robert Cohen (Steinhardt Teaching and Learning)
Daniel Walkowitz (Social and Cultural Analysis, History)
Marilyn Young (History)

Brevísima relación de la construcción de España y otros ensayos transatlánticos. 1991-2011 (Publication)
James Fernández (Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures)

The Rhetoric of Violence and Sacrifice in Fascist Italy: Mussolini, Gadda, Vittorini(Publication)
Chiara Ferrari (Italian Studies)

Untouchable Fictions (Publication)
Toral Gajawarla (English)

Manhattan Manuscripts (Publication)
Eckert Goebe (German)

The Birth of Chinese Feminism: He-Yin Zen and Her Feminist Worlds (Publication)
Rebecca Karl (East Asian Studies, History)

2012 Bioethics Conference: The Moral Brain
S. Matthew Liao (Center for Bioethics)

Latin American Art Bibliography: A Continuing Conversation
Amy Lucker (Institute of Fine Arts Library)

2012 Imagining America Conference
Randy Martin (Art and Public Policy)
Dipti Desai (Art and Art Professions)
Lorie Novak (Photography and Imaging)
Jack Tchen (Social and Cultural Analysis)

My Poets (Publication)
Maureen McLane (English)

Dreaming Information (Publication)
Eve Meltzer (Gallatin)

NOW! Visual Culture
Nicholas Mirzoeff (Media, Culture, and Communications)

Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics this Side of Seduction
Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Lauren Shizuko-Faraone (Comparative Literature)
Barbara Nagel (German)

Human Values and Digital Media: Getting From Theory to Practice
Helen Nissenbaum (Media, Culture, and Communications)
Luke Stark (Media, Culture, and Communications)



Visual Cultures and Visual Activism in African Women’s Photography
Awam Amkpa (Africana Studies, Drama)
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

Imagining the Child Reader: Literacy, Property, and the Media of Childhood in Nineteenth-Century America (Publication)
Patricia Crain (English)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Nature/Culture (Publication)
Anne Deneys-Tunney (French)

Why Remember Guantanamo?
Haidy Geismar (Anthropology)
Liz Sevcenko (Public History and Archives)

What is the Artist of the 21st Century?: Peter Singer, With Artist’s Response
RoseLee Goldberg (Art & Art Professions)

Islam and the Atlantic World: New Paradigms and Prospects (Publication)
Aisha Khan (Anthropology)

Blowing Minds: The East Village Other, the Rise of Underground Comix and the Alternative Press
Brooke Kroeger (Journalism)

Antonia Lant (Cinema Studies)

Rome and the Worlds Beyond Roman Frontiers, Eleventh Workshop of the Impact of Empire Network
Michael Peachin (Classics)

Media in Asian Globalization: Identity and Dissent in China and India, 1977-present
Arvind Rajagopal (Media, Culture, and Communications)
Zhen Zhang (Cinema Studies)

Out of Time: Philip Guston’s and the Refiguration of Postwar American Art (Publication)
Robert Slifkin (Institute of Fine Arts)

African Roots, Brazilian Rites: Cultural and National Identity in Brazil (Publication)
Cheryl Sterling (Liberal Studies Program)

Queer Cuba: Desire and Inequality in the Afterlife of Socialism (Publication)
Noelle Stout (Anthropology)

From San Juan to Paris and Back: Francisco Oller and Caribbean Art in the Era of Impressionism (Publication)
Edward Sullivan (Art History)

Speaking of Gordon Parks: A Symposium
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

Visualizing Emancipation: What did freedom look like? (Publication)
Deborah Willis (Photography & Imaging)

History and Philosophy of Education
Jonathan Zimmerman (Humanities & Social Sciences in the Professions, History)


The Bandstand (Publication)
Juan Flores (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Beauty and Fashion: The Black Portrait Symposium
Deborah Willis (Photography and Imaging)

Combat Trauma and the Ancient Stage
Peter Meineck (Classics)

Commodities and Culture, 1851-1914
Elaine Freedgood (English)
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan (English)
Robert J.C. Young (English and Comparative Literature)

Conference on Gender and Internal Colonialism
Linda Gordon (History)
Maria Montoya (Anthropology)
Renato Rosaldo (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Culture Wars in Translation (Publication)
Robert Stam (Cinema Stam)

The Digital Encyclopédie Conference
Lucien Nouis (French)

Emotional Cultures in Spain, from the Enlightenment to the Present
Jo Labanyi (Spanish and Portuguese)

Empire, Sexuality, and Literature in the Anglo-American World, 1700-2000: A Symposium in Honor of Henry Abelove
Carolyn Dinshaw (Social and Cultural Analysis)
John Guillory (English)
Tavia Nyong’o (Performance Studies)
Ann Pellegrini (Religious Studies, Performance Studies)

Essays on the Divine Comedy (Publication)
John Freccero (Italian Studies and Comparative Literature)

Florence’s Maiden Mediterranean Voyage (Publication)
Mahnaz Yousefzadeh (Liberal Studies)

Foundation to Innovation: A Biennial Symposium Sponsored by the Experimental Cuisine Collective
Amy Bentley (Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health)

Getting the Documents to Speak: An International Research Practicum on Cuba and the Atlantic World
Ada Ferrer (History)

Giorgio de Chirico and the Metaphysical City (Publication)
Ara Merjian (Italian Studies)

Greece, Greeks, and Hellenism in the Age of Transnationalism
Liana Theodoratou (Hellenic Studies)

House Seat (Publication)
Laurence Maslon (Graduate Acting)

Hunters, Heroes, and Kings: The Frieze of Tomb II at Vergina (Publication)
Hallie Franks (Gallatin)

Israeli Cinema (Publication)
Ella Shohat (Art and Public Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

James Baldwin’s Global Imagination
Rich Blint (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Life on Display (Publication)
Victoria Cain (Museum Studies)

Long Distance Race, Translation (Publication)
Nader Uthman (Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

Lucretius and Modernity
Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature)

Mexican Biodiversity, Green Imperialism, and Indigenous Feminist Leadership
Gayatri Gopinath (Social and Cultural Analysis)
Sonia Ospina (Public Management and Policy)
Josefina Saldana-Portillo (Social and Cultural Analysis)

New Directions in Foreign Language Teaching
Nicola Cipani (Italian Studies)
Andrea Dortmann (German)
John Moran (French)
Maria-Jose Zubieta (Spanish and Portuguese)

The Open Utopia (Online Publication)
Stephen Duncombe (Gallatin)

The Paris Review Interview: A Symposium
Katie Roiphe (Journalism)

Past and Present in China
Joanna Waley-Cohen (History)

Perform Again
Karen Shimikawa (Performance Studies)

Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry (Publication)
Tejaswini Ganti (Anthropology)

Reigning the River (Publication)
Anne Rademacher (Environmental Studies and Social and Cultural Analysis)

Russian and Slavic Studies Interdisciplinary Colloquium
Ilya Kliger (Russian and Slavic Studies)
Yanni Kotsonis (Russian and Slavic Studies and History)
Michael Kunichika (Russian and Slavic Studies)

Springtime Wonder Cabinet
Ren Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities; Journalism)

The Tragic Image (Publication)
Robert Slifkin (Institute of Fine Arts)

Translation of Das Rilke Alphabet (Publication)
Ulrich Baer (German and Comparative Literature)

Treasured Possessions: Culture, Property, and Indigenous Rights in the Pacific(Publication)
Haidy Geismar (Anthropology and Museum Studies)

Visible Evidence XVIII
Jonathan Kahana (Cinema Studies)

Visions Collided: The Lives and Letters of Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry and Poetics
Stacy Pies (Gallatin)

Volume of Seventeenth-Century Quaker Women’s Writings (Publication)
Teresa Feroli (Humanities and Social Sciences, NYU-Poly)

We Shall Be All (Publication)
Barbara Weinstein (History)

Word. The Online Journal of African American English (Online Publication)
Renée Blake (Linguistics and Social and Cultural Analysis)


Recounting Life at Times of War with Ascanio Celestini
Stefano Albertini (Italian Studies)

Fornes Play Reading Festival
Gwendolyn Alker (Drama)

They Won’t Budge (Publication)
Awam Amkpa (Drama, Africana Studies)

Music, Language, Thought VI-VII
Magali Armillas-Tiseyra (Comparative Literature)
Amy Cimini (Music)
Michael Gallope (Music)
Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Ceci Moss (Comparative Literature)

Writing Science: Mathematical and Medical Authorship in Ancient Greece (Publication)
Markus Asper (Classics)

Beginningless Thought/Endless Seeing (Publication)
Nancy Barton (Art and Art Professions)

Anthology of Political Essays by Middle Eastern Jewish Intellectuals (Publication)
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite (History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

Jean Améry and Primo Levy: Rhetoric of Testimony
Ruth Ben-Ghiat (Italian Studies)
Paul Fleming (German)

The French Republic, 1750-2010 (Publication)
Edward Berenson (History and French Studies)

CAMUS NOW, International Conference
Tom Bishop (French)
Denis Hollier (French)

Triumvirate: McKim, Mead, & White (Publication)
Mosette Broderick (Art History)

The Natalia-WOZA Project 
James Calder (Graduate Acting Program)

Literature and Cinema in the French-Speaking World
Ludovic Cortade (French)

Art and Ideas
Sue deBeer (Art and Art Professions)
David Rimanelli (Art and Art Professions)
Thomas Crow (Institute of Fine Arts)

Radars and Fences 2010: Borders, Affect, Space
Marco Deseriis (Media, Culture, and Communication)
Hatim El-Hibri (Media, Culture, and Communication)
Scott Selberg (Media, Culture, and Communication)

The [Unending] Korean War in a Post-9/11 World
Henry Em (East Asian Studies)

Translating French and American Poetry Today
Emmanuelle Ertel (French)

Glory and Agony: Isaac’s Sacrifice and National Narrative (Publication)
Yael Feldman (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

Afro-Latin@ Reader: History and Culture in the United States (Publication)

Transnational Caribbeanities: Women and Music (Publication)
Ifeona Fulani (Liberal Studies)

Art/Memory/Place: Commemorating the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy
Haidy Geismar (Museum Studies)
Peter Wosh (History)
Lynn Gumpert (Grey Art Gallery)

Beast and Citizens: Animality and Culture in Latin America
Gabriel Giorgi (Spanish and Portuguese)

Fred Stein Exhibition 
Eckart Goebel (German)

Wallace Stevens, New York, and Modernism
Lisa Goldfarb (Gallatin)

Images: Documenting Political
Yukiko Hanawa (East Asian Studies)
Thomas Looser (East Asian Studies)

organum let open (Music Composition and Performance)
Elizabeth Hoffman (Music)
Marilyn Nonken (Music and Performing Arts Professions)

The History of the Telescope
Myles Jackson (Humanities and Social Sciences, NYU-Poly)

The Documentary Film Reader (Publication)
Jonathan Kahana (Cinema Studies)

Undercover Reporting Database
Brooke Kroeger (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute)
Monica McCormick (Bobst Library)
Michael Stoller (Bobst Library)

Navajo Nation Uranium Mining Project (Documentary film)
Yvonne Latty (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute)

Early Modernities
Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese)
Christopher Cannon (English)

Wild Materialism: The Ethic of Terror and the Modern Republic (Publication)
Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature, Spanish and Portuguese)

The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence (Publication)
Susie Linfield (Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute)

Theatre of the Real (Publication)
Carol Martin (Drama)

The Psyences Project
Emily Martin (Anthropology)

The Laugh of the Medusa
Judith Miller (French)
Denis Hollier (French)

Ornamentalism: The Art of Renaissance Accessories (Publication)
Bella Mirabella (Gallatin)

Show and Prove: The Tensions, Contradictions, and Possibilities of Hip Hop Studies in Practice
José Muñoz (Performance Studies)
Imani Kai Johnson (Performance Studies)
Marcella Runell Hall (Performance Studies)

Radical Art of the Renaissance (Publication)
Alexander Nagel (Institute of Fine Arts)

Ethics and the Theatre Artist: Contemporary Voices (Publication)
Janet Neipris (Dramatic Writing)

The Politics and Poetics of Refugees
Crystal Parikh (English and Social and Cultural Analysis)

The Philosophy of Creativity Speaker Series
Elliot Samuel Paul (Philosophy)

Situating Sustainability
Anne Rademacher (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Human Rights and Photography
Fred Ritchin (Photography and Imaging)

Fighting Theory: Conversations with Avital Ronell, Anne Dufourmantelle, Werner Herzog, and Catherine Porter (Publication)
Avital Ronell (German, Comparative Literature, and English)

National and Post-National Cartographies of Desire in the Works of Francois Noudelman
Avital Ronell (German, Comparative Literature, and English)

Photo Archives and the Photographic Memory, Part III
Patricia Rubin (Institute of Fine Arts)

Valuing Lives: The 1st Annual Workshop in Broad Bioethics
Benjamin Sachs (Environmental Studies)

The Sociological Turn in Translation and Interpreting Studies
Milena Savova (Foreign Languages, Translation, and Interpreting)

The Archive and the Repertoire: Performing Cultural Memory in the Americas(Publication/Translation)
Diana Taylor (Performance Studies and Spanish)

Police Aesthetics: Literature, Film, and the Secret Police in Soviet Times (Publication)
Cristina Vatulescu (Comparative Literature)

Venus 2010: They Call Her Hottentot
Deborah Willis (Photography and Imaging)

An Amorous History of the Silver Screen: Shanghai Cinema, 1896-1937 (Publication)
Zhen Zhang (Cinema Studies)


Adelphiques: Brothers and Sisters in Nineteenth-Century French Literature
Claudie Bernard (French)

Archives, Archival Practice, and the Concepts of the Archive
Peter J. Wosh (History)

Blowing Up the Brand: Critical Positions on Promotional Paradigms
Ted Magder (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Concordia Discors
Benoît Bolduc (French)
Henriette Goldwyn (French)

Diderot Today: New Perspecives
Lucien Nouis (French)
Professor Anne Deneys-Tunney (French)

Food for Thought: A Conference of Scholars, Curators, and Librarians from Institutions with Strong Food-Related Collections
Krishnendu Ray (Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health)
Marvin J. Taylor (Libraries)

Icons of the Desert: Early Paintings from Papunya
Fred Myers (Anthropology)
Pepe Karmel (Art History)
Lynn Gumpert (Grey Art Gallery)

Lecture Series on Translation
Hala Halim (Comparative Literature; Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies)

Manhattan Manuscripts
Eckart Goebel (German)

Music, Language, Thought: Im/Material Affinities
Magali Armillas-Tiseyra (Comparative Literature)
Amy Cimini (Music)
Michael Gallope (Music)
Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz (Comparative Literature)
Ceci Moss (Comparative Literature)

New French Philosophy: Text and Media
Emily Apter (French)
Alexander Galloway (Media, Culture, and Communication)
Denis Hollier (French)
Ben Kafka (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Printing of the Bellevue Literary Press Book, Science Next: Innovation for the Common Good from the Center for American Progress
Jerome Lowenstein (Medicine)
Erika Goldman (Medicine)

Schubert and Solitude
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities)

Sixth Annual Conflux Festival
David Darts (Art and Art Professions)

Teatro Vivo/Living Theatre: A Festival
Sylvia Molly (Spanish and Portuguese)
Lila Zemborain (Spanish and Portuguese)
Mariela Dreyfus (Spanish and Portuguese)

Truth be Told
Linda Mills (Law)
Brian Dilg (Institute of Film and Television)

Wonder Cabinet
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute for the Humanities)

IX Centenary of King Alfonso VI’s Death
Salvador Martinez (Spanish and Portuguese)


100% Venezuela: Venezuelan Film Festival, Second Edition
Javier Guerrero (Spanish and Portuguese)
Gerard Aching (Spanish and Portuguese)

24th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies
Ronald W. Zweig (Center for Israel Studies)
Debra London Ben-Ami (Center for Israel Studies)

5books: unbound
Barbara Rose Haum (Media, Culture, and Communication)

Accessories in the Renaissance
Bella Mirabella (Gallatin)

Bodies Exhibit Student Fieldtrip
Shaghayegh Harbi (General Studies)

Catastrophe and Caesura: Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe Today
Judith Alpert (Applied Psychology)
Avital Ronell (German)
Shireen R. K. Patell (German)

Cultural Conversions: Religion, Gender, and Latino/a America
Ann Pellegrini (Performace Studies)
Josefina Saldaña-Portillo (Social and Cultural Studies; Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference
Randy Martin (Art and Public Policy)

Do-It-Yourself Media: Movement Perspectives on Social Movements
Stephen Duncombe (Gallatin)

Here and Now: African and African-American Art and Film
Deborah Willis (Photography and Imaging)

Italian Art at La Pietra: Transatlantic Conversations
Jane Tylus (Italian Studies)
Pepe Karmel (Art History)
Mariët Westermann (Institute of Fine Arts)

Jews and American Capitalism
Hasia R. Diner (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

La Pietra’s Writers’ Festival
Barbara Bonciani (Villa la Pietra)

Medieval Theater, Then and Now
Nancy Regalado (French)

Mid-Atlantic Slavic Conference
Anne Lounsbery (Russian and Slavic Studies)

Modernist Studies Annual Conference
Phil Harper (English)
Patrick Deer (English)

Poetry Readings: A Celebration of Verbal and Visual Culture in Latin America
Lynn Gumpert (Grey Art Gallery)

Resisting Completing: Queer Latino/a Interventions
Maria Josephina Saldaña (Social and Cultural Analysis)

Shocked! Shocked!
Lawrence Weschler (New York Institute of the Humanities)

Society for Disability Studies Conference
Don Kulick (Anthropology)

Symposium on the ‘Golden Calf’
Mark Smith (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

Symposium on Visual Culture in Germany and Italy, 1945-1955
Ruth Ben-Ghiat (Italian Studies)

The 6th Orphan Film Symposium
Dan Streible (Cinema Studies)

The Way We Read Now
Elain Freedgood (English)
Emily Apter (French)

Theory: An Ongoing Colloquium
John Hamilton (German; Comparative Literature)
Martin Harries (English)
Michèle Lowrie (Classics)

Towards a Gendered History of Italian Literature
Virginia Cox (Italian Studies)
Chiara Ferrari (Italian Studies)

Western Representation and Its Determination on Our Own Realities
Robert J. C. Young (Comparative Literature; English)

Writing Women 1700-1800: Literary History at the Crossroads
Paula McDowell (English)
Bryan E. Waterman (English)