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Writing Matters Event Series

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Spring 2021

In spring of 2021, Writing Matters will bring into conversation scholars who lead multiple writerly lives, blending voices and genres. How does such experimentation invigorate our scholarship, serve our intellectual and critical designs, and reach different readerships?

Weds, March 10, 6-730 pm
Emily Bernard (University of Vermont)
Charles Dew (Williams College)

Weds, March 31, 4-530 pm
Verse and Prose
Patrick McGuinness (St Anne’s College, Oxford)
Renato Rosaldo (NYU Anthropology)

Weds, April 14, 6-730 pm
Narrative Investigations
Kate Brown (MIT)
Hazel V. Carby (Yale)

Fall 2020

Weds, Oct 7, 6-730 pm 
From Research to Writing
You’ve done the research, so now it’s time to start writing – but where to begin?  How do you turn your material into an original argument and sparkling prose? Join us for advice from experienced scholars and writers on how to turn your research into good writing. 
Rachel Swarns (NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute)
Theresa MacPhail (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Moderator: Molly Rogers (NYU Center for the Humanities)

Weds, Oct 21, 6-730 pm
Your Second Book 
Whether you are just starting the research for your second book, deep into writing, or ready to publish, this discussion among NYU faculty and the Executive Editor of a top academic publisher will help you navigate the process.
Susan Ferber (Oxford University Press)
Jini Kim Watson (NYU English and Comparative Literature)
Moderator: Ulrich Baer (NYU Center for the Humanities)

Weds, Dec 2, 6-730 pm
Collaborative Writing 
Writing with colleagues can be deeply rewarding, resulting in new ideas and methodologies, but there are challenges to sharing a by-line. Join us for a round-table discussion on collaborative writing with experienced colleagues.
Faye Ginsburg (Anthropology)
Rayna Rapp (Anthropology)
Moderator: Ulrich Baer (Center for the Humanities)