Distracted Reading: Acts of Attention in the Age of the Internet

By Marion Thain (Associate Director of Digital Humanities, NYU)

Date: September 27, 2016

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Central to the humanities is the theorization and practice of modes of attention (to cultural artifacts, and to other aspects of the world). Indeed, many of us devote much time to finding ways to redirect our students’ attention away from the distractions of their electronic gadgets. But what if we consider how their distributed focus might model new acts of attention and new ways of reading: how might we rethink pedagogy and/or our own research methods in an era of hyper-connectivity? This event is cosponsored by the NYU FAS Office of Educational Technology.

Panel 1: Sound & Image

Jaime E. Oliver La Rosa
Assistant Professor of Music, NYU

Marina Hassapopoulou
Visiting Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies, NYU

Martha Hollander
Professor, Dept. of Fine Arts, Design, Art History, Hofstra University

Panel 2: Text

Suzanne England
Professor of Social Work, NYU

Ethna D. Lay
Assoc. Professor of Writing Studies, Assoc. Director of Digital Research Center, Hofstra University

Even moderator/organizer: Marion Thain (Associate Director of Digital Humanities, NYU)

This event is part of a project that is being represented in a special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly; come along to see how you can get involved.

REGISTER HERE: https://nyuhumanities.org/events/event-registration/?ee=105

Event Location:
NYU Center for the Humanities
20 Cooper Square
New York, NY
United States