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Digital Humanities Seed Grant Projects

The following projects are recipients of Digital Humanities Seed Grant funding. These grants support the development of new research projects that analyze digital sources, apply algorithmic methods to humanities data, or create digital publications, exhibits, or websites. The Digital Humanities Seed Grant program, made possible by the Research Technology Faculty Advisory Board, builds upon NYU’s institutional capacity in Digital Humanities work. 

(2020-2021) Abu Dhabi Calling!

(2020-2021) Brown Brothers Collection

(2020-2021) Developing a ‘Publications Page’ for NYU’s Prison Education Program (PEP) Website

(2020-2021) Holding Hiring Algorithms Accountable and Creating New Tools for Humanistic Research

(2020-2021) Insuring Slavery: Underwriting Risk in the 18th Century

(2020-2021) Raising the Volume: Amplifying the Soul of Reason

(2020-2021) The South African Jewish Cookbook Project

(2021-2022) Archive of Cuban Socialism (ARCHUS)

(2021-2022) COVID Collections

(2021-2022) Creating a Digital Museum of the History of Dentistry

(2021-2022) Inverting the Wunderkammer

(2021-2022) The Zine Union Catalog