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Student Federal Work Study Program


Due to a surplus of Federal Work Study (FWS) funds in the 2020-2021 academic year, faculty may hire eligible students as research assistants or lab researchers this summer at 25% of the cost of their wages (the other 75% would be covered by FWS) through June 30. This program will primarily benefit undergraduate students (who comprise the majority of students on work study); however, continuing graduate students who qualify for FWS can also take advantage of these funds. It is hoped that faculty in graduate and professional schools will create research opportunities for undergraduate students through this program.


What is Federal Work Study?
Federal Work Study is a program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to work on-campus while completing their studies. Students are awarded Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid package based on their need as indicated on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

What additional eligibility requirements are there for students to participate in this program this summer?
Enrolled Students: Students must be enrolled at least half time in spring 2021 and have remaining unearned Federal Work Study (FWS) eligibility in their financial aid award.

Non-Enrolled Students: Returning students who did not attend in Spring 2021 may be eligible for summer FWS if they have submitted a completed FAFSA for the 2021-22 academic year, are awarded Federal Work Study in their financial aid package for the upcoming year AND NYU can document the student’s intent to enroll at least half time in the Fall term (i.e. student registered for classes).

Note: For students working up through 6/31/21, FWS earnings will be tied to the 2020-2021 FWS eligibility. For students working from 7/1/2021 and beyond, summer earnings will be tied to the 2021-2022 eligibility

Are there any other eligibility requirements?
Students cannot earn FWS after they’ve graduated.
Students who are also enrolled in NYU classes during the summer cannot schedule work during class time.
International students are not eligible for Federal Work Study.
All participating students must be residing within the United States.

What are the start and end dates of the program?
Students with unearned Spring 2021 FWS may use their remaining FWS towards summer work through 6/30 as long as it has been determined they are eligible for Fall 2021 FWS and plan on enrolling at NYU in Fall 2021.

Students may begin using 2021-22 FWS in the summer after 6/30 as long as they are planning on enrolling in the fall 2021 and have FWS offered in their 2021-22 financial aid offer.

Students newly admitted for Fall 2021 are not eligible for Summer 2021 Federal Work Study (i.e. this program is limited to continuing students).

Is this opportunity also available to continuing graduate students who are work study eligible?
Yes, continuing graduate students are eligible for this opportunity as long as they are Federal Work Study eligible.

What is the financial contribution required of the sponsoring department?
For Federal Work Study positions at NYU, each hiring department must pay 25% of the student’s salary, while the federal government compensates the remaining 75%.

How do I hire students through this opportunity?
All opportunities must be posted on Handshake, NYU’s career services platform. Please see your department administrator for assistance with posting opportunities on Handshake and for information regarding hiring practices.

How much and how should students be compensated? How many hours can they work?
The minimum wage is $15 per hour for undergraduate students and $20 per hour for graduate students.

Although there is no maximum hourly wage, please consider your department budget, the applicant’s experience and skills, and the number of work hours per week.

When classes are in session, students may work up to 20 hours per week. When classes are not in session (winter, spring, and summer breaks), students may work up to 35 hours per week.

Students may hold multiple positions on campus; however, they may not exceed the maximum total hours allowed per week. For example, if the student employee is already working 20 hours per week at another department, then you can only hire this student for 15 hours per week for your department during the summer break.

Student employees are paid every 2 weeks; direct deposit is strongly encouraged.

Student employees submit their work hours electronically via PeopleSync.

More Information

Please note that the Center for the Humanities does not administer this program or oversee student appointments. Interested faculty should consult with their department administrator. For specific questions about the program, contact the Wasserman Center.